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  • No fake or bot followers
  • Natural growth and engagement increases
  • 100% safe & Instagram compliant
  • Growth is powered by real people, not bots

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Our Methods

Growth from

Growth Powered By Real Humans

  • Targeted Audience Growth Strategy
  • 100% Real Targeted Followers
  • Natural Engagement Increase
  • 100% Instagram Compliant

from $199/month

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  • Grow Like An Influencer or Brand
  • 850 - 10,000+ Real Followers Overnight Every Month
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  • Choose From International or American Audience.

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What our clients say...

Absolutely great!!

I was looking to grow my following to improve my business on Instagram and a friend recommended Gramiety. They have been absolutely great and have done everything they promised!

Lucille Fleming

Naturally gets you real followers!!

I love that this service naturally gets you real followers without putting your account at risk 🙂

Vincent Simms

You guys rock!!

In less than a month I’m already noticing more growth than with my previous company Kicksta. You guys rock!

Sophie Churchill

Super happy!!

Gramiety handle our Instagram Growth almost flawlessly and their team also manage our content. Super happy with everything thus far!

Deloris Calvin

Incredible service!!

We signed up 6 months ago and we just did an internal review within our company, Gramiety gained us over 8k followers during this time and our engagement is 9% higher! Incredible service thank you very much>

Gregory Reyes

Much love Gramiety keep it up!!

I have tried literally everything to grow my Instagram organically and so far this is the only thing that has worked. And believe me, I’ve tried it all! 😩 Much love Gramiety keep it up!

Scott Fitzgerald

Case Studies

Kopu Water’s

beverage company

12 x following in 12 months


Goal achieved of raising brand awareness through advanced location targeting & building a healthy representation of the brand Kopu Water’s, on instagram.

Grand Prix Montreal

International Events

Post are now reaching 1k+ likes


For an event so large as the Grand Prix, Instagram hasn’t always been such an important asset. However, it was suggested by multiple colleagues that an Instagram strategy should be implemented to keep up with the times, as the brand was taking off on Instagram in many of the other countries. GRAMiety achieved that & more!

Jasmine L

Influencer / Model

Gets paid work as an influencer


Jasmine started off with just 2K followers and wasn’t getting much work in her industry as an aspiring model. With help from GRAMiety she has grown to 16.7K followers and has even positioned herself as a paid influencer, embarking on a real career venture.

Out the Box Events

Childrens Entertainment

Booked out months in advance


Chelsea and Nicole needed some help getting their small business off the ground. When they started their business they managed to gather a few hundred followers, mostly through word of mouth of family & friends as well as through some free promotions they ran to advertise their services. This could only get them so far, however, and they felt business was at a complete halt. They have since perfected a strategy to successfully draw in business, which combines the growth results they achieve with GRAMiety and local free advertising. Through local advertising, they direct all leads to their strongly built Instagram platform which converts them into customers, better than a website!

Industry Leading
Customer Support

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We offer the best customer support in the industry, hands down. We address every single question or concern you have as soon as possible.

In fact, go ahead and text us right now to see for yourself. You can even send a message just to say hello. Seriously, try it. We will respond fast.

Questions? Text Us +1 (310) 340-2901

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Billed Monthly


$50 discount applied

  • We Can Fix Your Problem Account
  • Brand Research
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • 24/7 Growth Management
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • No Fake or Bot Followers
  • Cancel Anytime – No Contracts
Billed Every 3 Months


$198 discount applied

  • We Can Fix Your Problem Account
  • Brand Research
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • 24/7 Growth Management
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • No Fake or Bot Followers
  • Cancel Anytime – No Contracts
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  • Have you previously worked with another growth agency?
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Organic Growth Service

From $99/month

  • 100% Guaranteed Organic Growth
  • Gradual Results (Not Instant)
  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Hands-off Solutions
  • 3-Min Sign-Up
  • 100% Instagram Compliant
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Cancel Anytime

From $199/month

  • 100% Guaranteed Organic Growth
  • Overnight Results
  • Audience Targeting Unavailable
  • International OR American Audience
  • Hands-off Solutions
  • No Password required
  • 100% Instagram Compliant
  • 24/7 Customer / Support
  • Cancel Anytime

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is this Safe?

    100%. Our actions are Instagram compliant. That means we stay within what Instagram allows any account to do just like you would. Our top priority is account safety.
  • Does Your Agency Still Work With Clients After The Recent Instagram Algorithm Changes?

    Of course. We continually adapt to any algorithm changes to keep all accounts growing.
  • My Last Agency Couldn’t Grow My Account, What Can You Do?

    We have built several organic, working solutions that are Instagram compliant. Most other agencies use methods that aren’t Instagram compliant. It’s unfortunate, but they most likely got your account blocked from following your target audience (action block). If you can’t follow users, you cannot grow and that all starts with how users and agencies are handling their account.

    But don’t worry, over time our strategies can not only fix your account, but provide growth.

  • Are You Just Buying Fake Likes and Followers?

    Absolutely not. If you pay for our manual growth service you are assigned a dedicated growth specialist who will manually engage with your target audience. Your target audience will then make an organic decision to follow you or not.

    If you choose to purchase one of our Loop giveaway packages then an influencer will essentially be directing their followers to follow your account. These are decisions by real people.

  • What If This Doesn’t Work?

    Our strategies have worked with 100% of our 5000+ clients. There has never been a single case when we couldn’t increase a client’s follower count as long as your account is in good standing with Instagram.

  • Is This Really The Best Way To Grow My Account?

    There are only two ways to grow your account, so yes. You can either engage with your target audience so your account can be seen OR you can enter your account in a Loop giveaway where an influencer will direct their followers to follow you.

  • Do You Have Customer Support?

    We reinvest profits into our growth solutions and most importantly into our staff. We offer the best customer support in the industry, hands down. We address every single question or concern you have as soon as possible, not days later.

    In fact, go ahead and text us right in the right hand corner of this site now to see for yourself. You can even send a message just to say hello. Seriously, try it.

  • What Is Manual Growth?

    Growth by hand, or manual, means there is absolutely no software bots logged into your account following users. Our activity is no different than how you use Instagram normally. Manual growth means a real human is logged into a real mobile phone, making human decisions on who we engage with just like you would!

  • What Is A Loop Giveaway?

    Instagram loop giveaways are contests typically run by huge influencers or celebrities. They offer their followers a big prize but require them to follow a specific amount of Instagram accounts to enter. If you are one of those specific accounts that the influencer's followers are required to follow, you will grow big time, with the followers of that influencer. Many of our clients get hundreds or thousands of followers overnight.

  • Where Are You Based?

    Los Angeles, California. We do not outsource any work. Our staff works tirelessly to adapt to all the Instagram algorithm changes.

  • Why Are You Different Than Other Agencies?

    Great question! Because we care. And once you sign up with our agency you will see that we do truly reinvest our profits into our customer support. It’s no secret that Instagram is changing their algorithm each week. We have to adapt to those changes. Most agencies hide behind their websites, but our GRAMiety team is front and center. We are very proud of our work.

  • Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

    Never! All we ask is you cancel any of your subscriptions 3 business days before your rebill date.

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