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How We Grow Your Instagram Followers

1. find your target audience

We Find Your Ideal Instagram Followers

Your Instagram specialist will build a customized growth plan specific to your account. We don’t just seek any followers, we source and target the right audience for you.

2. our growth network engages

We Reach Out To Potential Instagram Followers

After onboarding, providing us information about your account and your growth plan is finalized, our team goes to work by engaging with your target audience on a large scale.

Our growth strategy method ensures that your account is seen by 1000’s of profiles each month.
3. Accelerate your instagram, get tons of followers

Get Real Followers Every Month On Auto-Pilot

Organically, your audience will follow and engage with your content resulting in hundreds to thousands of highly targeted new followers each month.

With every new follower, you strengthen your brand and profile.

Why GRAMiety

Real Followers

Get In Front Of Thousands Of Relevant Followers

Instagram Safe

100% Safe + Working Solution, Instagram Compliant

Advanced Audience Targeting

Target your ideal audience.

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US Based Agency / Dedicated Account Rep

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No fake followers, no bot followers. Only real organic growth methods.

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With our award-winning customer service, we have extensive online reviews that show our clients love GRAMiety and the results their Instagram account received.

How To Get Started

Sign Up

Sign up for one of our growth plans and tell us a bit about yourself.


Tell us about your type of account, your target audience and similar accounts.


We engage with your potential audience on Instagram based on your target accounts.


Through the efforts of our growth team, your Instagram followers grow every month, on autopilot!

Forget Other Growth Services

We’ve personally tested all of our top competitors. You’ll get little to no results. Our agency has the best, safest working growth solution in 2022.

Save up to 10 hours a week on Instagram

Instagram Growth Done For You

You could manage your Instagram growth yourself, but to achieve the same level of results it would take our clients on average 10 hours a week, or 40 hours a month. That’s a part time job.

For $79 a month, get your time back, get results, and get followers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After signing up with GRAMiety, you’ll provide us with your target audience. Example: female fitness enthusiasts in the United States. You’ll also provide a list of “targets,” which are competitor accounts that have a similar audience you’re looking to attract.

Once we have your target audience, we’ll engage organically with people on Instagram on your behalf. Those users will receive a notification, and a certain percentage, based on the quality of your account and content, will follow you. 

This is our primary method of growth, we also have celebrity and influencer partnerships which allow you to gain 10, 20k+ followers virtually overnight.

Our final method of Instagram follower growth is by directly messaging your audience at scale. No other Instagram growth agency can currently offer this. To learn more about our celebrity giveaways and direct messaging, book a call.

Great question! Because we care. And once you sign up with our agency you will see that we do truly reinvest our profits into our customer support. It’s no secret that Instagram is changing their algorithm each week. We have to adapt to those changes. Most agencies hide behind their websites, but our GRAMiety team is front and center. We are very proud of our work.

Absolutely not. If you pay for our manual growth service you are assigned a dedicated growth specialist who will manually engage with your target audience. Your target audience will then make an organic decision to follow you or not.

If you choose to purchase one of our Loop giveaway packages then an influencer will essentially be directing their followers to follow your account. These are decisions by real people.

Never! All we ask is you cancel any of your subscriptions 3 business days before your rebill date.

Of course. We continually adapt to any algorithm changes to keep all accounts growing.

We have built several organic, working solutions that are Instagram compliant. Most other agencies use methods that aren’t Instagram compliant. It’s unfortunate, but they most likely got your account blocked from following your target audience (action block). If you can’t follow users, you cannot grow and that all starts with how users and agencies are handling their account.

But don’t worry, over time our strategies can not only fix your account, but provide growth.

Our strategies have worked with 100% of our 5000+ clients. There has never been a single case when we couldn’t increase a client’s follower count as long as your account is in good standing with Instagram.

There are only two ways to grow your account, so yes. You can either engage with your target audience so your account can be seen OR you can enter your account in a Loop giveaway where an influencer will direct their followers to follow you.

100%. Our actions are Instagram compliant. That means we stay within what Instagram allows any account to do just like you would. Our top priority is account safety.

Again, it’s hard for us to put a specific number on this. We’d love to tell you that you’ll see X number of followers in only X number of days, but that would be dishonest. And if you’re looking at other agencies that are promising specific results, you should steer clear because they’re either lying or buying your followers and it’s unclear which is worse. 

Typically, it takes anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month for our clients to start seeing results. The longer you stick with us, however, the more results you’ll see. Slow and steady wins the race, and it can often take a month just to warm up and prime your account for explosive growth.

During this initial month, we’ll be tracking and finding your target audience on Instagram. We’ll also be testing out your account to determine if it has any current action blocks or at-risk for any. This safe and slow approach helps us build a strong foundation for future success. 

We are 100% compliant with Instagram’s policies. This keeps us and our clients safe from the wrath of Instagram’s moderators and algorithms. That being said, you’ll still see results when you use our services, you just won’t have to put your account at risk like the other guys.

When starting with a smaller account, it takes some time in the beginning to build up account trust and social proof. If you start from a larger, more established account, you have a head start. People are more likely to trust you and follow you at a higher rate.

If your account has less than 1000 followers, users tend to not follow back as much as they would if you had a larger account. Think about it, would you follow an account with barely any followers? Also, newer accounts with fewer than 1000 followers will typically have a lower Trust Score, so we need to be especially careful when launching your campaign. Also, you need to understand the social proof aspect and know that a certain percentage of followers are likely to unfollow but not all, so over time we can start scaling growth.

We can make progress with any account whether it has 10,000 followers or 300 but our approach and the speed of results will be different.

Unless you want to make Instagram your full time job, doing all of this on your own is nearly impossible. It would take a ton of work and even more luck to get the results we provide. The only other viable option is to go back in time to 2010 when Instagram was new and not at all competitive but seeing as that isn’t possible, working with us is your best bet.

Realistically, even if you had all the time in the world you can’t be on Instagram all day, interacting with people trying to get your account noticed. In order to obtain any significant growth it takes a lot of time, effort, strategy, and inside knowledge, which understandably, many don’t have nor want to do.

The easiest thing you can do to help attain growth is to work with a Managed Growth Service that can help you reach your target following and increase engagement. All the hard work is done for you while you sit back and focus on your brand and content. The most popular accounts on Instagram are rarely run by one person. From celebrities to major brands and meme pages, there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to manage their growth.

Yes. To implement our growth strategy, we must log into your account and engage with your target audience as you. Unless we are growing your account using Loop Giveaways, there is no other way to get your target audience back to your account unless we follow those users from your account. Think of us as your personal social media manager. If you hire someone to post on your behalf they need your password as well just as we do. 

However we have secure processes in place to keep your credentials 100% private and never shared with anyone. We don’t change any of the personal information or settings on your account. We’re simply using it as a tool to view, follow, and unfollow users. We have individuals, small businesses, large brands, influencers and celebrities using our agency. We can assure you we are not interested in your password, since our personal accounts already have hundreds of thousands of followers on their own. We are only interested in managing your account.

Have more questions? Review our Frequently Asked Questions.

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