4 Tips For How To Create A Cohesive Instagram Feed Aesthetic

Instagram Feed

One of the main essential factors to growing your following on Instagram is to create a beautiful and consistent Instagram feed. This will help you turn users visiting your account into engaged followers. If you organic Instagram growth, you want to ensure you have a cohesive Instagram aesthetic.

Create a Cohesive Instagram Feed Aesthetic

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This will also help you stand out from your competitors and show off your unique style. The best part is, you don’t need to have professional photography skills or editing software to really work on your aesthetic!

This is an important aspect of your account to work on, as this is the best way to gain a larger following and in turn grow your brand.

What is also important to note is that more and more people are turning to Instagram to look up businesses to gauge if they have an Instagram presence. It doesn’t matter if you are a business or an individual, your Instagram page is becoming increasingly important as it is currently one of the strongest representations of yourself or your brand, in many cases more important than even your website. The main thing is to ensure you’re on the right side of the Instagram algorithm.

With this in mind, it is imperative your account feed looks perfect in order to make a good impression on the people who view your account. This gives them a general idea of who you so let’s give them a strong reason to stick around, follow you, engage in your content and hopefully even do business with you. Effective, targeted Instagram marketing is incredibly important to keeping your audience engaged.

Read on to learn more about creating a perfect Instagram aesthetic for your account that can help you in the long run.

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1. Plan Your Visual Aesthetic

You can begin this process by drawing inspiration from different sources that inspire you personally.

Think about other accounts that you follow, who have an aesthetic that you like. Do they consistently use certain colors? Do they follow any sort of pattern? Thinking about these sorts of things will help you decide what will work best for you.

Another easy way to work on your aesthetic is to create mood boards. There are plenty of different programs you could use to create a digital mood board, and by being able to visually see the different images you have grouped together, it allows you to see what will work well as a whole and what won’t.

A mood board can also give you a rough idea of what to create and what your feed will look like when you begin to post. You will clearly see if the images are consistent and flow well with one another.

This will also help with the editing process once you have decided on the type of images that you want to post.

Before we launched Gramiety, we developed a mood board to inform your color scheme and to create a consistent aesthetic across our Instagram. You’ll notice a lot of our content has the same, or a complementary color scheme to match our website.

It’s important to do this ahead of time, so your Instagram and other social media content looks consistent.

Often, brands and businesses realize their brand colors and aesthetic doesn’t match what their brand identity is, and go through a costly redesign.

Avoid doing this by investing in creating a consistent brand aesthetic to match your identity ahead of time.

Brand Colors & Brand Identity

The brand color palette can dramatically influence your brand identity. Often this is already established if you’ve already launched your business, developed your site and created your logo. Often brands draw direct inspiration for the brand colors from their logo.

With Gramiety, we have two main brand colors: an orange and a blue variant. We play with gradients to create a dynamic, rich color scheme.

If you’re not sure how to get the exact colors used in your logo, a simple way to do this is with a color picker. You can either use it in a photo editing application such as Adobe Photoshop, or an online plugin.

If you’re using Google Chrome as your web browser, you can download the ColorZilla extension from the app store. Install it, restart your browser and pull up your website, or open your logo image. Click the Colorzilla extension, and you’ll be able to click anywhere in your browser on the screen. This will copy the RGB code on to your computer’s clipboard. From there you can use it however you wish for your backgrounds, overlays, and filters to enhance your brand’s color scheme.

2. Edit Your Photos For A Consistent Instagram Feed

So now that the type of content has been decided on, how they will be edited also needs to be considered. The feed has to remain consistent, and the bests way to do that is through photo editing software that allows the option to add filters or presets to the images.

Programs such as Lightroom or VSCO are the best option when it comes to editing programs for achieving a professional look.

When it comes to the editing process, it varies from one account to the next. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to go about editing images, its more about what will work and flow the best for the pre-determined aesthetic for the feed.

Play around with them, see what works best for the overall feed, and then stick to it. But remember to keep the editing consistent throughout all the content when editing your photos.

Apps to consider:

3. Organize Your Instagram Feed

So now the content has been determined and edited, it’s time to decide how to organize the feed. It is important to create balance with the images, organizing them in a way that does not make the feed look overly cluttered, and ensuring that it’s easy for people to look through the feed without interruption.

Thinking about where each image is placed is a great way to ensure that the feed remains uncluttered. Place busy images next to images that are simple, or don’t have a lot going on in them, to help break things up.

Begin planning out the feed by thinking in terms of the grid format that Instagram itself uses. Use a grid planner (options listed below) which allows you to arrange images visually as a feed. Have a look at it as a whole, then shuffle your images around until it’s well balanced and de-cluttered. By doing this you will see exactly how the feed before you start posting.

For some examples and tips on how to create a cohesive Instagram feed aesthetic, check out this video.

Take a look at it and have a think about how a potential follower might view the feed. If there’s something that might seem off about the placement of the images, it’s more than likely a follower will feel the same and might not give the account much attention. So, take the time to constantly review and move things around until it is perfect!

Apps to for help creating an Instagram aesthetic that’s consistent across your content:

4. Schedule Your Instagram Content

Consistently posting high-quality content is going to help the account grow, as it gives followers fresh and new content to engage with, pushing your content higher up on their feed or maybe even a brief feature on the explore page.

Wondering when the best time to post is? No matter what you read online, it is different for each and every account as no two accounts have the exact same following.

So there are several things to take into account and the best way to help you determine the times that work best for you, is to pay attention to your analytics. You will need to consider things such as what country/time zone the majority of your followers are in, gender, the niche of your industry, the kind of content you are posting, etc.

What times of day do you think people would want to see your content? What kind of content is more relevant to post over the weekend? What do you think would work better earlier in the week? It’s usually not a good time to post during the usual 9-5 business hours. The more you analyze and factor everything in, the more successful your posts will become.

That being said, according to research by Adespresso the best time is between 2 and 3 p.m. Getting in to specific days, it can vary by industry and niche. Thursdays typically have much higher engagement than other weekdays, while Sunday has the lowest engagement out of any day. Generally weekends have lower engagement. Through consistent testing and analyzing your results you can figure out your ideal time to post for maximum engagement.

Instagram Post Schedule Apps & Tools

Beyond just scheduling your Instagram feed, most apps have many other features to make your Instagram management easier, faster and more efficient. Usually they’re referred to as social media management tools. Some are platform specific, but most also integrate with the most popular social media networks such as: Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook in addition to Instagram.

A social media management tool or Instagram scheduling app will allow you to schedule content ahead of time, manage your mentions, direct messages, and allow for keyword and brand monitoring. This will allow you to engage in conversations important to your brand. This will increase your reach, exposure and grow your following count by getting you infront of non-followers.

Most bigger brands and businesses use these tools to optimize their efficiency and reduce the time spent hopping between different social media apps.

The ability to bring all of your social media work and activity into one dashboard is invaluable, saving you time and accelerating your organic growth.

There are a number of amazing tools you can use to schedule your Instagram content in advance. Some integrate directly with Instagram’s API, allowing the content to be posted through their software directly to Instagram. Others, don’t offer that integration and you have to confirm prior to posting, adding an additional step.

Here are some of the most popular Instagram scheduling apps:

  • Hootsuite – Hootsuite is one of the most popular scheduling apps. They integrate directly with Instagram, allowing you to schedule content in advance and use all of Instagram’s features without actually launching Instagram. This can be especially helpful by allowing you to work off of your desktop or laptop. They have a free plan with some restrictions. They integrate with all major social media platforms.
  • Sproutsocial – another very popular social media management tool which is a major competitor to Hootsuite. Some users find their interface a little better, and they have an “all in one social inbox,” so you can easily manage every conversation and opportunity to engage in one place. They slightly higher priced plans. Sproutsocial integrates with most major social networks, except Youtube.
  • Later – Later bills itself as the “#1 Marketing Platform for Instagram,” it integrates with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. They have a free plan that is relatively feature rich with some restrictions. Their paid plans allow for more posts, features and are much lower in price than their competitors. Later is great for brands and businesses on a budget.

With your grid planner, you should be able to caption, tag & even schedule your content to be posted at specific times/dates. Hootsuite even provides an ideal time to post that you can select. Their algorithms and massive amounts of data allow them to figure out what the highest engagement times are to post.

Grow Organically By Having A Curated Instagram

When you have a consistent Instagram feed, a visually pleasing aesthetic, post great content and post consistently, you’ll grow your Instagram account. When you have a consistent aesthetic, you’ll please your audience. This will result in higher engagement, which will also please the Instagram algorithm. As a result, Instagram will give you a larger reach, show you higher in hashtags searches and therefore increase your organic growth. It’s a positive feedback look.

By optimizing your profile, and leveraging the right hashtags, you’ll attract new followers. With a consistent Instagram aesthetic, you’ll improve your organic growth.

And there you have it! These are the steps you should take to build a strong content strategy! If you feel like you might need a bit more help, reach out to one of our experts. Gramiety helps brands, individuals and businesses grow their Instagram accounts. Feel free to reach out at grow@gramiety.com to learn more about pricing and how we can help you grow!

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