5 Tips on How to Be Successful on Instagram

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There are now over 1 BILLION users on Instagram. What are you really doing to stand out from the rest, to gain that following that you’ve always wanted? It’s easy to simply post images on an Instagram page, but monitoring the process to make sure what you’re doing is working and engaging users is another story entirely.

This is where you really play a huge role in the success of your content, growth and engagement.
GRAMiety works hard to ensure you are seen by the right people, the only thing you need to focus on now is how you are going to engage those people and get the most followers out of your service. Remember these are targeted followers and it is entirely up to you how you choose to connect with them to take this to a higher level of success or even conversions.

By carefully researching, planning out your content and keeping an eye on your analytics, you should be able to best determine what is working and what is not, which will help you form a stable strategy.

Here are some important things to consider when deciding to take your Instagram seriously, and the new growth you are receiving with GRAMiety.

#1 Consistency is key:

There’s really no use having Instagram if you’re not going to use it to its full potential! People won’t follow you if there’s little to no content being posted—and those who do follow will lose interest pretty quickly. Simple research into understanding your key demographic can easily tell you what times and days people are most active on Instagram.

Base your scheduling around that and stick to it! It can be overwhelming to produce new posts each day, but it’ll be worth it when you slowly start to gain a following. It is also important to remember not to bombard audiences with content, as multiple posts over a short period of time can hurt the engagement with your Instagram page. You may let your content sit for a little while, allowing some time to gain likes and really resonate with audience.

#2 Engage with your audience:

You cannot improve what you don’t measure! Talk to the people that follow you. Engaging with audiences on Instagram helps strengthen the reason why they follow you in the first place, and it also opens up channels of communication between you and the people who follow you. Whether it’s answering questions or replying to comments, showing audiences that you are there will help build and stabilise that positive relationship.

#3 Keep an eye on analytics :

What works once will often work again. Pay close attention to traffic on your page, as well as the posts that get the most engagement with your followers. This will give you an idea for what content your audience likes and what is most interesting to them. Use this as a cheat-sheet for creating content in future posts that keep your audience happy and engaged. GRAMiety places a heavy emphasis in measuring analytics. This is why we offer monthly analytics to measure and track the success and engagement of your Instagram.

#4 Create and curate content

Quality over the quantity of content is important to remember when choosing what to share on Instagram. While consistently posting content is great, the content you post also has to add value to your followers and your overall Instagram feed. Whether the content is created or curated, post content that is carefully chosen to be both helpful and entertaining to your audience, but also make sure that it is relevant to them and accurately represents your brand.

#5 Build an authentic following

Buying Instagram followers may seem like the simplest solution to gaining that following that you want, but this will severely hurt your chances of ever monetising on the platform. Fake followers will never engage with your content nor will they make purchases. It is also quite easy for other people to spot fakes, which is not a great look for your brand.

Building your following from the ground up keeps your page authentic and trusted. You can steadily build your following by providing audiences a reason to follow you, such as offering them content that they can’t find anywhere else or creating exciting and enticing visuals that demand attention. Grow your following by engaging with your target audience.

We understand that this might be a little difficult if your Instagram is being run and monitored by just one person as opposed to a team of experts. GRAMiety can offer you an affordable solution! Offering a safe growth management option by doing the research into your target demographic, engaging and directing them to your page. GRAMiety’s primary focus is on result driven and cost-effective ways to grow organically to your demographic market.

Instagram is now fast becoming more than just a space for posting a picture for others to glance at. It’s a way to share visual creativity, for sending tailored messages across to a vast audience, and some groundwork is needed to ensure that they are reached. Images can’t just be posted and forgotten, but carefully considered to ensure that it lines up with your brand.

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