Best Instagram Automation Tools That Save Time

If you want your business to grow, it’s essential to delegate and hire. As you grow beyond a one-person brand or business, it’s important to recognize you can’t do it all. This means it’s important to delegate, outsource or hire lower value tasks. Otherwise, you’re left banging your head against the wall, struggling to manage everything. Then you end up looking like this:
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As they say, time is money. The less time you spend on menial tasks managing your Instagram account through Instagram automation tools, the more you can focus on what matters:

Growing your account, creating great content, and growing your business.

Social media marketing is a key ROI-positive channel when used effectively. The problem is, it often consumes your time with low-value (low-skilled) tasks that can suck up your valuable time.

One of the best ways to save time, as well as grow your account by maintaining a consistent flow of content is to automate Instagram posts.

There are a number of Instagram automation tools that will help you schedule content, manage your growth, and speed up day to day tasks. These Instagram tools will help you save time and grow your account.

Let’s dive into these invaluable tools for growing your Instagram following.

want to boost your instagram?

We Find Your Followers

Boost your Instagram growth, organically.

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We target your ideal audience. We don’t just seek any followers, we source and target the right audience for you.

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Best Instagram Automation Tools

Later was initially launched as Latergramme in 2014 in Vancouver, B.C. as one of the first Instagram scheduling tools in the market.

They currently bill themselves as the “#1 visual marketing platform for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.” With over 2 million active users, they must be doing something right.

Later offers a plethora of features you’d expect from a robust Social Media Management Tool (SMMT).

How Later Can Automate Your Instagram:

  • Schedule and plan all types of native content formats on each platform
  • Free, robust analytics for each of your accounts showing followers, engagement rate percentage, likes, comments through multiple different data visualizations–Hootsuite, a major competitor charges for the ability to monitor analytics and generate reports.
  • The ability to link specific Instagram posts to product pages and landing pages via their proprietary Linkin. Bio which allows you to share more than one link in your Instagram bio!
  • The ability to create a shoppable Instagram feed, including a Shopify Integration to grow your e-commerce sales (with analytics tracking so you can measure your Instagram impact on the bottom line)
  • Best Time To Post features which uses machine learning to determine the top 7 posting times to maximize your Instagram engagement
  • The ability to monitor all of your conversations, direct messages and other engagements from one inbox
  • Saved Captions, allowing you to save your common hashtags so you spend significantly less time on posts
  • Improved hashtag suggestions to maximize growth
  • A robust, completely free tier without a time limit
Best Instagram Automation Tools For more details on the exact limitations, differences and benefits of each plan, see Later’s pricing page. “We love using Later because it allows us to strategically map out our social media content plan around coffee rollouts, new merch items, events and other happenings here at Stumptown. We love being able to showcase user generated content, as well, which Later easily allows us to do.” Mallory Pilcher, Marketing Director, Stumptown Coffee Roasters Later’s fair pricing model, which puts it as a robust competitor to the major player, Hootsuite, Later bills itself as an excellent Instagram scheduling and management tool for accounts on a budget. Consider trying out Later to better manage your Instagram account so you can focus on the bigger picture. best Instagram tools Buffer Buffer allows you to plan, schedule, post all of your content for your brand in one place. Featuring one of the best user experiences (UX) of social media management tools, it makes managing your Instagram a breeze. Buffer offers robust team tools, allowing you to coordinate your content strategy amongst your internal team if you’re more than a solo entrepreneur.

How Buffer Can Help Automate Your Instagram

  • Schedule, plan and post content across Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest
  • Tailor your posts for each social platform (correct aspect ratios and sizing)
  • Instagram first comment feature which allows you to drop hashtags in the first post to clean up your caption, as well as improve your engagement
  • Instagram stories scheduling–a great feature, especially with the algorithm favoring Instagram story usage
  • Shoppable Instagram feed similar to Later to drive e-commerce sales
  • Create, manage and draft posts, with approval–particularly useful if you’re a social media management agency (SMMA) to allow for seamless agency-client collaboration
  • Robust analytics which is a core feature (unlike Hootsuite), however lower plans only track posts from the past 30 days, unless you upgrade to the business plan (\$99 per month)
  • 60+ Third-party integrations
  • Browser extension, as well as Android and iOS apps
  • No free version, however, there’s a 7-day free trial and plans start at $15 per month
  • 75,000+ users
Buffer breaks down their plans according to which features you’re looking for. Here’s what their “Publish” plans look like: best Instagram tools For more details on Buffer’s plans, check out here. “My favorite #SMM tool is @buffer. Given the amount of content I share, my $15 per month subscription plan gives me the highest ROI of any tool in my Martech stack.” Steven Macdonald Digital Marketer A great feature that is in Buffer’s favor is definitely their Chrome extension. It allows for easy content publication and syndication of links and content as you browse the web. The extension makes it easy to come across content ideas to buff up your content feed and reach a new audience. Buffer is also great for managing conversations and engagement with their “respond” feature, allowing for one inbox to track all conversations and mentions.  Automation tools for instagram

Instagram Automation Growth Tools


Gramto is an Instagram bot with various automation features. They have a monthly pricing model for their automation service starting at $5 per month. As it is an Instagram bot, it is not recommended to use it as an Instagram growth tool unless you really know what you’re doing. Using automated bots is against Instagram’s terms of service and may put your account in jeopardy. Instagram continues to crack down on Instagram users that use these services.
  • Post scheduling (with less robust features than a dedication scheduling tool such as Later)
  • Auto-follow/Unfollow Instagram accounts
  • Automatically direct message new followers
  • Auto liking and automating comments
  • Save captions as a template to speed up posting new content
  • Analytics and statistics tracking to track the growth rate on your account
  • Direct posting to Instagram through the webapp
  • Proxy support to keep your account safe
  • Audience targeting with their auto-follow feature based on the targeted audience you want to attract
  • Auto-repost to repurpose older evergreen content
  • Auto-view Instagram stories
  • Competitor analysis
Gramto’s pricing plans:  Automation tools for instagram Gramto can be a powerful tool in the right hands. However, if setting up proxies and manually configuring their automation parameters if something you’re not comfortable or familiar with, you may want to pursue another option. If you’re looking for an Instagram bot, Gramto may fit the bill. However, it’s much safer to use a real organic Instagram growth service if you’re looking to keep your account safe.


Hypeplanner isn’t an Instagram automation tool, but it does save you time, money and accelerates your Instagram growth. We allow you to focus on creating great content and managing your business, while we rapidly grow your Instagram followers. With our proprietary Instagram strategy, we make growing your account by thousands of legitimate, organic followers a predictable formula. There are no shortcuts to Instagram growth, you simply have to post great content and engage with your followers consistently. Beyond that, it’s critical to expose your Instagram account to non-followers, so you have the opportunity to grow your audience. Here’s how Hypeplanner works: Here’s a case study breaking down what we did for one of our clients:  Instagram Automation Tools 2021

How Hypeplanner Can Grow Your Instagram Account

  • Audience targeting to target your ideal customer, client or follower
  • In-depth competitor research so we can work effectively in your niche
  • Managed by Instagram growth experts
  • Get thousands of engaged followers
  • Pricing plans from $99 per month
  • 24/7 text message and email support. Try sending us a text now at 1 323 701 1505 !
  • Work with a dedicated team
  • Completely organic, safe and within Instagram’s terms of service as you’re working with a dedicated, L.A. based Instagram marketing agency
  • Thousands of happy clients and numerous case studies showcasing our results, we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands
Business owners and brands have to either manage their Instagram growth themselves or hire experts. The cost of an internal team is often outside of their budget, and that’s why we started Hypeplanner. If you’re looking for a legitimate solution you’re going to need real people working on your Instagram account. Contact us to talk to an Instagram growth expert and see how we can help.

Instagram Analytics Tracking

What can’t be measured, can’t be understood. No matter your Instagram growth strategy and how you save time with Instagram automation tools, it’s important to track your results. We’ve reviewed the top 3 Instagram analytics platforms so you don’t have to. If you’re serious about Instagram growth, it’s important to understand your data. Dashthis, Supermetrics and Databox are some of the most popular analytics platforms. Even if they don’t include unique data beyond Instagram Insights, they allow for superior visualization, allowing you to get a better understanding of your data.  Instagram Automation Tools 2021


Supermetrics started in 2009 by Mikael Thuneberg to “help marketers better report, monitor and analyze their data by connecting the marketing platforms to wherever they want to use the data.”
  • Supermetrics includes most major integrations, including Instagram, however, not as many as Databox
  • Free trial with pricing plans starting at $69 per month
  • Great Google Sheets integration
  • Trusted by major brands
  • 300,000+ users
  • Seamless Google Data Studio integration
  • No iOS or android app
  • Scheduled and automated reports
  • Instagram dashboard templates are easy to use
Supermetrics is an excellent solution if you’re looking for a more robust analytics platform with powerful visualization tools. instagram tools


Databox is an excellent analytics and data visualization platform. Best of all, they offer a free plan which allows for 3 different data connections (Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, etc), and 3 “Data-boards” to visualize your data. If you’re just looking to track your Instagram analytics and audience growth, and perhaps two other social media accounts or KPIs, this should be more than sufficient.
  • 71 software integrations, beyond Instagram if you have other KPIs to track
  • Live data
  • Free plan to track 3 integrations with 3 databoards
  • Visualizations are easy to understand
  • Live URL to use to share amongst your internal team
  • Can set up alerts, targets and all sorts of email notifications to stay on top of your Instagram goals
  • Well optimized mobile app for Android and iOS to track your metrics on the go
Databox is an excellent way to set up professional-grade analytics, measurement, and visualization with a free option available. It’s an excellent way to track your Instagram growth.

Wrapping It Up

Using Instagram automated tools can be a life-saver and a time-saver. By using a scheduling tool you can push out content consistently. When you create a content calendar you also save valuable time by “batching.” Rather than creating content, writing captions, doing hashtag research once per day, you can save a significant portion of time by doing it all at once. Consider using a social media management tool such as Later or Buffer to schedule out your content a month in advance, so you can focus on growing your account and engaging your followers every day. This will save you time and help your Instagram audience growth. If you’d like to accelerate your Instagram follower growth even further, consider giving Hypeplanner a try. With affordable pricing, amazing results and no contracts we can get you the Instagram results you deserve.

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