Best Organic Instagram Growth Service [Ultimate Guide 2021]

Best Organic Instagram Growth Service [Ultimate Guide 2021]

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Interested in growing your Instagram account organically? There are countless influencers, brands, and individuals trying to figure out how to get significantly more traction. You’ve come to the right place. In this exhaustive guide, we will be covering the best organic Instagram growth service to grow your Instagram in 2021. You can also read more tips on Instagram growth strategies here.

A lot of Instagram users are left frustrated when they don’t get to 1000, 10,000 or 100,000 followers overnight. This is where an Instagram growth service comes in.

Are you asking yourself how do I get more followers, what type of content I should post and what’s up with hashtags?

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We Find Your Followers

Boost your Instagram growth, organically.

  • Save 10 hours a week on growing your Instagram
  • 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We target your ideal audience. We don’t just seek any followers, we source and target the right audience for you.

  • Only Real Followers
  • Safe
  • 3 Minute Setup

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to set up your Instagram biography, profile, and feed for success
  • How to conduct hashtag research and use hashtags to maximize your growth
  • How to engage on Instagram for the purpose of growing your account, following, and business
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the top Instagram growth services

Read on to find out to reach Instagram’s over 1 billion strong user base!

What Is An Instagram Growth Service?

An Instagram growth service can mean several things. Either as a managed strategy through an Instagram marketing agency or freelancer or as an automated program.

There are significant differences between hiring an agency, Instagram growth service, freelancer or managing Instagram software and growth yourself.

Often an agency is the most “turn-key” solution as they will consult you on your strategy. Typically a freelancer requires more oversight, feedback, and direction. If you’re not savvy on Instagram marketing best-practices, the agency route might be the way to go.

Manual Instagram Management

It can mean either manual account management by an Instagram marketing expert, such as through an Instagram agency or hiring an online freelancer to do the work for you. Typically this is what manual Instagram managers do on a regular basis:

  • Content strategy and graphic design
  • Scheduling, posting content
  • Writing captions and hashtags as well as conducting hashtag research
  • They will engage with your existing followers to increase your engagement metrics (thus boosting your potential reach
  • They will engage with accounts and content that are not your followers in an attempt to be visible, seen and potentially followed (this is best done on relevant people, influencers and content to your “niche” or vertical)


  1. Safer than relying on automation alone which can put your account at risk if not handled the right way.
  2. Often higher quality engagement and followers as there is always a human eye giving the final go-ahead behind any action.
  3. You’re leveraging an expert’s knowledge of Instagram marketing to help with your Instagram strategy and execution, rather than your own knowledge (which can be helpful for those less knowledgeable).


  1. More expensive than automated software Instagram bots, as you’re paying for a real person, rather than software which can be purchased for a low upfront or monthly cost.

Automated Instagram Management

There are several automated Instagram account tools that allow you to automatically perform engagements such as following or liking without human intervention. It just requires the right software, connecting your Instagram account and programming in your settings. Usually, automated Instagram software is against Instagram’s Terms of Service. According to Instagram’s Terms of Service:

“You can’t attempt to create accounts or access or collect information in unauthorized ways. This includes creating accounts or collecting information in an automated way without our express permission.”

Here are some of the things Instagram “bots” can do:

  • Automatically follow users by certain criteria (demographics, likes, who they follow, etc.)
  • Automatically unfollow users based on criteria (for example: if they don’t follow you back within 15 days)
  • Automatically send direct messages to your followers, such as a welcome message, or people you’re not following based on your targeting criteria
  • Automatically like photos, videos, view stories


  • Less expensive than manual, human-managed growth services
  • Allow you to customize your growth settings


  • If you don’t know what you’re doing you can cause irreversible damage to your Instagram account & credibility
  • Instagram can easily detect these cheaper software which puts your account at high risk of being flagged, ’shadowbanned’ or removed by Instagram
  • In order to keep your account safe and also to produce any significant results automation software requires somebody to be available 24/7 to oversee any complications, blocks, or technical errors as well as make adjustments regularly to avoid being detected as a bot – this is something none of these companies advertise so many are ‘playing with fire’ and completely lowering Instagrams trust with their account (meaning their content and profile will be shown less, which defeats the purpose of trying to grow their account)
  • Users have to spend a significant amount of time themselves managing, tweaking.

Top Instagram Automation Software Tools For Instagram Growth:


Jarvee is probably the most popular automated Instagram growth tool. One of the nice features with Jarvee is you can schedule your Instagram content as well,.so you don’t need a separate Instagram scheduling tool like Hootsuite, Sproutsocial or Buffer. You can manage up to ten accounts under one platform and interface, making enterprise and agency account management a breeze.

Jarvee allows you to automatically follow, unfollow, schedule content, engage automatically with other accounts and send direct messages automatically. The auto repost feature is handy for repurposing content. Also, it has robust targeting tools for finding new followers Due to its robust feature set, fair pricing and extensive reviews if you’re going to go the automation route, we think Jarvee is your best bet.

Jarvee allows integration with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (depreciated), LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube. Jarvee offers a 5-day free trial which should be more than enough time to determine if it’s right for you. Plans start from $29 per month.

Magic Social

Magic social says it’s “an automated Instagram growth tool that uses a safe and secure technology, with a smart targeting algorithm, to grow your Instagram account, fast!”

According to their pricing section, they start at $7 per week, with $14 per week for their pro plan.

As far as features, Magic Social allows you to automate liking, following, geo-tagged locations, commenting and blacklisting (based on your automation settings).

According to Magic Social, they’ll follow people based on your targeting (niche, hashtag or competitors) and follow them automatically based on the frequency you set, then unfollow them if you don’t follow them back with the popular follow/unfollow strategy.

Magicsocial has a ⅗ rating on Trustpilot based on 18 Instagram software reviews.

Several reviewers seem to note they have fake reviews and may be fraudulent, with a common complaint being the difficulty of canceling their accounts and getting refunds.

LikeSocial bills themselves as “Manage your liking and following activity with minimum effort. Even non-techies can use without any hassle. We also offer features for those who wish to have full control of their activity.”

Like other Instagram growth software, it automates a few core features. They just focus on automating liking, engaging and following/unfollowing.

LikeSocial doesn’t transparently list their pricing.

They have a ⅖ rating on Trustpilot based on 10 reviews, indicating a “poor” rating with 60% of reviews as “bad.” One common complaint is it seems the app gets you fake engagement.

Based on common complaints from multiple different reviewers we can’t in good conscience recommend LikeSocial and recommend using a real Instagram growth agency.

want to boost your instagram?

We Find Your Followers

Boost your Instagram growth, organically.

  • Save 10 hours a week on growing your Instagram
  • 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We target your ideal audience. We don’t just seek any followers, we source and target the right audience for you.

  • Only Real Followers
  • Safe
  • 3 Minute Setup


Followadder indicates that they can:

  • Get Real Instagram Followers
  • Schedule Automated Photo Posts
  • Automated Photo and Video Liker and Commenter
  • Powerful Searches, including by location, hashtags, and more!
  • Find and Create Exportable Lists of Users
  • Automate direct messages
  • Create lists
  • Search by hashtags and geolocation
  • Manage multiple accounts from one dashboard

Follow Adder is a bit unique in that it is a desktop software that runs on your computer, rather than a cloud solution. It’s available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. They offer a 7-day money-back guarantee refund on purchases.

Typically with desktop software, it’s recommended you use an internet proxy or VPN to safely run this automated software.

Their plans begin at $50 for 6 months of access up to $425 for 6 months depending on how many accounts you need to manage (1 and up to 25, respectively). All features include all plans and are strictly based on the number of accounts you need to manage.

Followadder has a ⅕ rating on Trustpilot based on 13 reviews which indicates a bad (85% of reviews) rating. Based on customer feedback we can’t recommend FollowAdder.


Growsocial addresses the problem of manually engaging with users on Instagram by “To solve this problem we created GrowSocial. A service that automates your Instagram account’s interactions and works even while you’re sleeping!”

Growsocial allows you to automatically like and follow based on hashtags, geolocations and who they follow. They also offer the staple feature of being able to unfollow users who don’t follow you back. They also allow you to set geolocation filters for automatic engagement and send DMs automatically.

One thing that’s nice about is the ability to schedule posts, so you can manage your entire account through their platform. They also have detailed analytics, unlike a lot of other automated software for Instagram.

They’re a cloud-based service, so no worries about keeping the program running on your computer or having to use proxies.

There are limited reviews of online. On Trustpilot, they have a ⅗ rating based on 1 review, so take that with a grain of salt.

Plans start at $19.90 per month


Instato claims it can get you real Instagram followers using their bot. “Use Instagram Bot to auto-follow, auto like, comment, unfollow, auto DM, and post and grow your network with real followers!”

Like many of their competitors, Instato allows for auto follow/unfollow, auto liking, auto commenting, auto reposts and auto direct messages. One key feature is they have auto-scheduling to curate your content ahead of time, which is always a nice feature.

Instato’s pricing starts at $29.95 per month for one account and up to $99.95 per month for agency accounts (up to 15 accounts). They also have a 3-day free trial to test out their Instagram software.

Instato currently has a ⅖ rating on Trustpilot, indicating a “poor” review based on 8 reviews. There were many concerning reviews indicating difficulty receiving refunds and poor results with their software, so we can’t say we recommend this one.


Instazood is an extremely well known and popular automated Instagram growth software. It allows you to automatically like, follow, comment, unfollow, view stories, dm and post with their service.

Instazood is a cloud based software service with a monthly subscription. Plans start from $9.99 per month for one account; however, they split up some of their functionality into different feature packs. Their packages are below:

Long story short, for their full feature pack you’re looking at $44.96 per month. Otherwise, if you just need certain features it will be a bit less.

Instazood is definitely one of the more reputable automated Instagram growth software bots. With 206 reviews on Trustpilot indicates a lot more genuine users with a total ⅖ rating. A lot of these software bots typically have low reviews as users generally seem to have a poor experience compared to non-automated Instagram growth agencies.


Socialcaptain says you can “Get real followers, likes and comments using automated targeted marketing & the power of AI. Automagically.” They also make the bold claim that you can boost productivity with “Our AI-powered growth modules yield results up to 150x times better than manual interaction.”

A popular alternative to other Instagram automated software, they have a robust feature set that many would expect in an Instagram “bot.” With auto liking, automatic DMs and follow/unfollow it’s pretty much what you would expect. It is a cloud-based software with a dashboard similar to other competitors.

They claim to be the #1 rated Instagram automation platform with an average of 85% follower growth with their users, and a 2 minute setup.

SocialCaptain offers a free trial and monthly plans start from $40 per month.

However, despite their big promises, slick marketing and excellent website they have a ⅕ rating on Trustpilot based on 185 reviews, with common complaints amongst user reviews which indicates to us it’s a poor way to manage and grow your Instagram account.


Gramgrowth claims to be as easy as riding a bike. Typically that’s a bit of hyperbole.

Its feature set includes auto liking user posts, follow and unfollow, commenting, direct messaging and post scheduling, which is always a nice feature to have.

Another unique feature is the ability to maximize conversion rates of people actually following you back by alternating between different groups of targets to determine the highest engagement people to target.

Gramgrowth, like its competitors, allow you to target by location, followers and followings as well as hashtags. It features an easy to use interface that’s pretty intuitive. Plans start at $5 per week, with a 3-day trial for you to test out how it works.

Gramgrowth boasts a ⅘ review rating according to Trustpilot, however, it’s only based on 3 reviews–so take this with a grain of salt.

Types of Instagram Growth Services We Recommend

We recommend using an Instagram agency that will manage your growth for you. Unless you manually manage your own account, this is the safest and most sure-fire way you’ll stay within Instagram’s terms of service.

Automation tools left unattended by anyone less than an expert in the field, can result in an account suspension, warning or “shadow-ban.” To stay on the safe side it’s best you leave any automation up to a professional, or avoid them entirely.

Limits On Your Instagram Actions & Growth

There are certain limits on how many actions your account can perform per hour, day, week and month.

Exceeding these limits will result in your Instagram account being penalized in various ways.

One penalty is a “shadow-ban” which can significantly reduce the amount of visibility and reach your posts get: possibly no one will see your posts at all!

You can also get a warning message which you’ll receive when you exceed Instagrams limits, up to your account being suspended for suspicious activity.

We strongly recommend you abode by the following limits, whether you’re using a manual or automated Instagram growth strategy.

It’s always best to be safe and keep your Instagram account in good standing.

These are the limits on actions for an Instagram account:

  • We’re unsure of Instagram direct message limits as it’s not clearly stated, but don’t exceed more than 20 per hour or 200 per day as it will appear unnatural
  • You can follow up to 6000 different accounts or people per month
  • It’s recommended you don’t unfollow straight away, ask Chris how many days later you should unfollow & how many you can
  • On Instagram, you are allowed a maximum of 1000 likes per month. Beyond 1000 per month, however, is risking being noticed by Instagram as a spammer
  • You’re allowed approximately 12-14 comments per hour with a significant interval of 350-400 seconds. Exceeding this will draw Instagram’s ire as they will think you’re spamming

Define Your Target Audience

Before you start posting a ton of content, reaching out to other influencers and implement your growth strategy it’s important to identify who your target audience is.

Leverage existing data assets you have to get real-world information about who your customers are. Often marketing gurus will tell you to establish an ideal customer profile, but that’s often the best guess, or at worst not actually who your customers are. If at all possible, leverage your email,.social and other contact lists.

If you’re not collecting data on your existing clients and customers, start immediately.

Examine the commonalities across your customer base. There are obvious metrics such as common demographic factors:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Profession
  • Location

However, once you establish these trends it’s important to figure out more about your audience. Consider asking yourself questions about them, such as:

  • What do they like?
  • What do they don’t like?
  • What are their browsing and consumer behaviors
  • What do they spend their free time doing
  • What resonates with them and is important
  • How do they like to communicate?
  • Where do they congregate?

The more that you can figure.out, hypothesize and get information on your.ideal audience, the better your organic growth will be. Growing your account and following will be easy if you’re able to create content your audience genuinely loves.

You will see a larger engagement, further, reach and more potential leads, clients, and customers by properly identifying, serving and exceeding the expectations of your audience.

Once you define who your actual and target audience is, mapping out a content strategy becomes much easier.

As a small business owner, you often have a great grasp of your customer base. If you have existing.customers consider surveying them. You can literally ask them what kind of content they’d like to see if you have customer contact data (such as an email list). With this strategy, you can literally give people what they want.

Set Up Your Instagram Profile For Success

However, the rundown is that you want to include a clear description that outlines who you are, what you’re about that resonates with your audience.

The other key component of a successful Instagram bio is a clear, relevant and timely call to action. Consider what your objectives are: do you want more engagement, leads, or sales? Include a relevant link, preferably to your business website or a timely, relevant page.

Also, having a name that reflects either your brand name or includes keywords that are relevant to your niche can help you be discovered by potential followers. For example, if your niche is weightlifting, @weightliftingmastertoronto might be a good profile name. It really depends on your individual situation, but consider this as a potential factor prior to creating your account.

Instagram, however, does allow you to change the name of your profile.

Another important element you’ll come across in any successful Instagram profile is a loosely coherent visual aesthetic. This can be tied together through common filters (example: Grayscale), or a certain subject matter or perspective.

Your feed should be interesting, visually appealing, and roughly aesthetically consistent. It’s okay to vary up your types of content and subjects if it is interesting, however.

One of the best ways to get inspiration is to view your direct competitor’s Instagram feeds. Ask yourself: what type of content do they put out regularly? What’s the subject matter? How does it look? Is there a consistent theme?

There’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from a source that’s already working, so long as you put a unique spin on the content, produce original content and make it relevant to your brand.

Lastly, you can always repost popular and relevant content within your niche, so long as you get the account’s permission and credit them properly.

Define Your Social Media Marketing Growth Goals

Just as important as it is to define the audience that you’re targeting you need a specific, measurable, actionable and timely (SMART) goals for your Instagram account that support your business objective.

Are you an influencer that’s trying to build a large following? In that case, your short and long term goal is reach, exposure and building an engaged following.

This is a long-term strategy that will result in brand deals, the ability to sell sponsored posts and open up affiliate marketing opportunities. These are just a few ways influencers are able to monetize their audience. It starts with building a following first, however.

If you’re a brand or business, you have a similar objective of building a large, engaged following. However, likely the followers you want are more targeted. You’ll likely also have shorter-term objectives that focus on direct return-on-investment with leads and sales is the goal of building up your social media presence.

Whether it’s leads, sales, or growth to attract brands, sponsorships, and other business partnerships, the strategy is very similar. However, this will influence what your calls to action are, your messaging and how you engage with your audience.

Typically a brand or business will have a more professional tone to their content; however, it’s equally important to be human and connect with people in an authentic way.

No matter what your goal, the important thing is to define it so you can use that roadmap to test, iterate and improve your content and engagement to maximize your Instagram growth.

One thing that’s important to keep in mind is that no matter what your product, content that includes human faces often receives more engagement than less personalized content based on a number of studies.

Once you establish your goals, your target audience and do competitive research you can determine what type of content will work best for your account.

Some brands keep it very professional and showcase new products, promotions, and marketing content.

Other big brands show a more humanized “behind-the-scenes” view of their business. Neither is the right answer, it’s all about what works best for your business and your audience.

Using Hashtags For Organic Instagram Growth

We’ve written extensively about how to optimize your hashtags for success. The name of the game is to research extensively what hashtags are popular, competitive and relevant to your content.

It’s often a good idea to have a mix of high traffic, high competition hashtags alongside more specific, niche hashtags that you have a higher chance of ranking for in search and the Explore tab.

The higher traffic hashtags will give you the opportunity to expose your account to a larger audience. However, competition is fierce and larger accounts with huge audiences and thousands of engagements are much more likely to show up in the explore tab for that specific hashtag.

More specific hashtags, for example with just a few hundred or thousand results/searches, will be more niche. Because there’s less competition, there’s a greater chance for you to rank on the explore tab and rake in the lion’s share of Instagram search traffic.

Consider using a core set of hashtags on most posts that are relevant to your business. Another good tip is to use your brand’s hashtag, such as #gramiety, which is an easy hashtag to dominate, as there will be much less competition for your brand name. You’ll also show up with relevant content for people searching for your business.

Finally, another thing to note is that according to an analysis of hundreds of thousands of posts, the ideal amount of hashtags to use in a post to maximize your organic growth is 20-25. The maximum amount of hashtags you can use on a post is 30, so be sure to get creative!

Some quick tips to remember:

  • Use your brand’s hashtag
  • Use a mix of high volume/high competition and low volume/low competition hashtags
  • Make sure to use a geographical hashtag, as it gives further context and the Instagram algorithm loves when you do this!
  • Use 20-25 hashtags for maximum effect
  • Be creative, relevant and leverage existing holidays and events for maximum exposure

Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

There are a number of organic Instagram growth strategies. The pillar of any marketing strategy is always the content. Ensure you post regularly (the more often the better–ideally 5 times per week) high quality, preferably original content.

The first thing we can tell you: do not buy Instagram followers. This is a sure-fire way to tank your engagement metrics. Plus, you’re not fooling anyone. If you have 2 million followers and 200 likes, everyone will know. As with most things in life, there are no shortcuts to success.

When you’re first starting out as a new account on Instagram it can be discouraging. The most important thing to do is put as much content out as possible and try to quickly get up to 20-30 high-quality posts. This way, when someone visits your profile it looks established and doesn’t look empty.

Make sure to post consistently, ideally once a day–especially when you’re starting out. Track your analytics (make sure to switch your Instagram account to a business profile, if you don’t know how to do that, check here) to determine the best time of day to post. If your target audience is 9-5 office workers that commute, the lunch hour and in the evening might yield you the most engagement. There is no one best time, so experiment, track and iterate on your results.

That being said, according to Sproutsocial the best time to post is at 3 PM on a Wednesday, 11, 3 and 4 PM on Thursday and 5 AM on a Friday–these times seem to get the most engagement overall.

Make sure to link your social profiles together, and link to your Instagram from any existing properties you own (Youtube channel, business website, Linkedin, etc.) as this is a quick and easy way to get more visibility that’s within your control.

Another popular strategy is “follow/unfollow,” simply put you follow people that would be relevant to your account or business. A great source to find people is to search relevant hashtags, or look at your competitor’s followers.

Likely if they’re interested in other content similar to yours, they might be interested in your account and follow you too.

Make sure to filter these people down based on whether they engage or not. Also, it’s best to target recent followers so you know they’re currently active on Instagram.

Organic Instagram Growth Content Strategy

There are a number of ways to curate, find and create high-quality Instagram content. Consider these ten tips if you’re in a creative rut and can’t think of what to post next.

10 Types Of Instagram Content & Content Tips:

  1. Stock photos: consider using stock images creatively to beef up your content feed alongside your original content. Some great free resources are Pexels, Unsplash and Pixabay
  2. Consider using a desktop photo editor to take your creations to the next level. Adobe Photoshop is an excellent choice, however, it’s more complicated than other offerings. If you don’t have the budget for the Adobe Creative Suite consider using Canva, which is a cloud-based drag and drop photo editor that’s easy to use and intuitive
  3. Stock images + an inspirational quote is a great piece of content to put alongside your main content
  4. Consider customer/client interviews as a potential content source
  5. Curate various feeds from RSS feeds, other Instagram accounts and news sources through various web tools such as Feedly to have a source of inspiration, news and current events to comment on that are relevant to your niche
  6. Keep your following updated with what’s going on behind the scenes of your business with live videos, stories, and posts about what you’re working on, how it’s going and the challenges you face. Authenticity trumps perfection every time on social media!
  7. If you’re a brick and mortar business or e-commerce brand, consider “action shots” of your product being used, consumed, or produced
  8. If you’re an influencer, your everyday life is often interesting enough if you get creative to be an endless source of content. There are lots of daily vloggers that do nothing more than giving people a peek into their daily lives with massive followings.
  9. Research what your competitors are posting, and make something better!
  10. Question and Answer interviews with other influencers in your niche. This creates cross-promotional opportunities as you’ll also be exposed to their audience, as well as building credibility in your niche.

A strategy employed by most large Instagram accounts is to create a content calendar. Simply put,  just means planning out what you’ll be posting–typically a month in advance–and creating the content ahead of time.

This is a highly effective content strategy as it “batches” the content load and you can be more efficient with your time on a daily basis. Rather than scrambling for content ideas each day, you’ll have put in the work at the end of each month and can rest easy knowing you’ll be putting out regular content for the following month.

This, however, may be difficult for certain niches (such as news, current events and others where it isn’t “evergreen” content since it’s constantly changing).

How The Instagram Algorithm Works [In 2021]

While we’re not all software engineers or mathematicians, understanding how the Instagram algorithm works is key to unlocking organic growth.

Simply put, you want to give Instagram what it wants. If the algorithm and platform is happy, it will promote your content to more people, bringing you more engagement and organic growth.

Initially, Instagram didn’t have a sophisticated algorithm. However, over time most online platforms begin to experiment with these complex programs to increase engagement and time on their platform.

Previously Instagram was a reverse-chronological feed which showed you every piece of content from the people you followed. In 2016 this changed to a curated, algorithmic feed.

Instagram Ranking Signals

No one knows, except Instagram exactly how it works. However, based on experimentation, study and intuition we’ve figured out exactly how you can maximize the algorithm to your advantage and get a lot of Instagram followers.

Firstly, Instagram prioritizes content from accounts that interact a lot with each other. If you have a friend that you constantly comment on their content, you’re likely to always see their post. This would be the “relationship” factor.

Instagram stated you will see approximately 90% of the content from your friends and family. Likely phone contact data provides a contextual signal to let Instagram know you have a real-life relationship with that person.

Another key factor is timeliness. While it’s possible to see something show up at the top of your feed from a week ago (particularly if it’s a “good” post with a lot of engagement that demonstrates to Instagram it’s of high quality), typically you will see posts in roughly chronological order. The newer the content, the more likely it is to show up for your followers at the top of their feed.

Lastly, Instagram attempts to analyze your behavior and interest.

They use a number of factors, such as your searches, web browsing history, past interactions, and engagements to build a user profile of what you like and don’t like. They’ll do their best to show you more content that you actually enjoy.

Network With Other Instagram Influencers

An excellent and essential way to grow your Instagram following is to engage with other accounts and influencers within your niche.

Not only do they have an audience that would likely be interested in your content and business, it offers you an invaluable networking opportunity to build partnerships and relationships. Who knows what these could be worth in the future.

Typically the best thing to do is work with someone with a similar or larger audience size than you. It’s probably not going to yield many results approaching people with 200,000+ followers if you just started out your account.

The fundamental question that will skyrocket your success in influencer networking is to ask yourself the question: what genuine value can I offer this person?

No one likes to be approached constantly and asked for something for nothing. So think to yourself, how can I help this person so we both benefit?

Also, before you launch an influencer outreach campaign, consider what your goals are that align with your business and account Instagram growth service objectives.

A common strategy is a giveaway, contest, shoutout or content collaboration, or reposting content (with permission & credit).

What Are The Best Organic Instagram Growth Services In 2021?

Here are the top Instagram Growth Services in our opinion in 2021.

Kicksta is one of the more popular Instagram growth services. It works similar to other services. You sign up, provide them with a list of competitor accounts that have similar followers to your target audience and they get to work.

They say they’ll like 1-2 photos per user to mimic genuine engagement. This will then allow the user the opportunity to follow you back after seeing your notifications. They claim to like about 30,000 photos per month per user.

What’s nice is they give you a monthly report on your growth and dedicated customer success manager.

Another good sign is that Kicksta doesn’t make any guarantees or claims on growth as ultimately, it’s up to other people whether or not to follow you if it’s a genuine service (and real followers).

Kicksta says they remain very safe by engaging in a conservative way–simply liking a few photos rather than leaving spammy or automated comments.

Kicksta does not offer a free trial, but they do offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on refunds. However, we have noticed a few reviews saying refunds were difficult to obtain so take that as what you will.

Kicksta has several promising and detailed case studies. They have two plans, one that’s $49 per month, and a $100 per month plan.

They have a ⅗ rating on Trustpilot with an average of 68 reviews, which to us indicates they have quite a few customers–which is a good sign.

Capital Models

Capital Models positions itself as an influencer oriented Instagram growth service targeted at models, the fashion and beauty industry influencers.

They boast a 3-minute sign-up, first-week results, 24/7 text customer support–which is a great feature–and the ability to cancel any time which sets them apart from a lot of competitors.

Like many Instagram growth services and agencies, you sign up and pick your targeting, then they get to work. What’s nice is they’ll do research on your niche and goals to come up with a customized growth plan for your account.

They don’t give specifics on what to do, but they say they engage with many users on a daily basis in a natural and organic way to direct thousands of people to your account each month.

Plans start at $83 per month with a 3-month commitment or a $99 per month on a monthly basis.


SocialFlight claims to be trusted by over 1000 clients. Like many of its competitors, it’s a pretty simple sign-up and onboarding process.

You sign up, set your targeting and pretty much sit back while they engage with potential followers by interacting with your target audience on Instagram.

They have quite a few reviews on their site, which shows people are happy with the service–however, no case studies.

One unique feature SocialFlight has is they have an online dashboard for their organic Instagram growth service.

Socialflight has two plans. A $59 per month advanced package, and a $149 per month business package which includes DM, comment scheduling and advanced analytics.

Socialflight has a ⅗ rating on Trustpilot with 5 reviews.


Fanbump has claimed that they’ve never had one of the customer’s accounts banned, which, if true, is definitely a good sign.

They focus on organic growth through targeted engagement to “gain real, relevant and engaged followers.”

Their clients have been featured in Adweek, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, and Variety.

Setup is pretty simple: share target audience information based on a customized list of Instagram accounts that would have a similar audience to your target demographic.

Then, they start engaging with them with the popular follow/unfollow strategy to grow your Instagram account’s following.

Plans start at $99 per month. Currently as of 2019-08-15 Fanbump isn’t accepting new customers.

They have a ⅖ rating on Trustpilot based on 6 reviews.


Gramiety claims to be a %100 organic, hands-off Instagram growth service. With only real, genuine followers and no bots (manual, human management).

Sign up is relatively simple and they need your niche, Instagram account name, and some other basic information. They say they put together a customized growth plan for every account from one of their Instagram growth specialists.

From there, they go on to engage with your target audience through natural, organic engagement based on your targeting.

Safety seems to be a big focus, as they say regarding their service: “This means every action is 100% Instagram compliant so your account is totally safe. Unlike most companies using Instagram growth bots, we’ve never had a client’s account get shut down.”

One thing that really set apart Gramiety for us were the extensive case studies, testimonials, and even video testimonials.

Pricing plans start at $149 per month with a $50 off discount available. Gramiety has 5 5 Star reviews on their Facebook page


Instamber is an advanced Instagram marketing tool that allows you to manage, schedule and grow your Instagram account.

It provides an Instagram bot, auto DM and the ability to buy likes and views (not recommended).

Like many competitor services you sign up, set your targeting and settings and watch your account grow.

Pricing is broken up into different services: Instagram Bot (Auto like, follow, comment, unfollow and targeting), Direct Messaging (sending welcome messages, follower messages, automatically DM), and Comment Manager which allows you to manage your comments in one place. Each of these is $10 per month.

Instamber has a ⅗ rating on Trustpilot based on 2 reviews.

If you’re going to use such a service, it’s highly recommended to use a proxy to prevent Instagram from flagging your account.


Ampfluence claims to not use any software, automation, and bots and that their service is “100% human-powered service focused on growing your Instagram account.”

Like other Instagram growth services, it’s a three-step onboarding and Instagram marketing process of consultation, targeting, and growth.

They claim to work with any type of account, such as Instagram influencers, agencies, brands, new accounts, bloggers and social media managers.

Pricing plans begin at $129 per month and go up to $299 per month. We’re not surprised at the slightly higher pricing point as they have to pay real people to grow your account and avoid using any automation (as they claim).

Ampfluence doesn’t have any reviews online that we could find.

How To Pick The Best Instagram Growth Service

There are several important criteria to consider when choosing the best Instagram growth service. Ask yourself the following:

  • Does it rely solely on automation, or is everything done manually by humans within the Instagram action limitations?
  • Do they guarantee results? This can be a potential red flag, especially if the service guarantees a lot of followers in a very short time which can indicate bought followers, unnatural automated strategies or low-quality followers
  • Do they offer a trial, refund or some kind of recourse if you don’t see the results you want?
  • Do they give details on how they grow your Instagram account? Transparency is key
  • How much does it cost? If their pricing is suspiciously low it might indicate a lack of human involvement
  • Does their website seem reputable? Are their own social media accounts sizeable? If it appears like they haven’t put effort into their brand, it might indicate it’s an unsafe service or a scam
  • Are they ranking well on Google search? This is one indicator that it’s a relevant, useful and safe website
  • Do they have good reviews? One of the best ways to make a decision on which Instagram service to use is to check out fellow business owner’s experiences
  • Do they have transparent, detailed and successful case studies? Any Instagram growth service worth their salt should have examples of Instagram accounts they’ve grown

Carefully evaluate the above when choosing the right service for your account. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them if you have any questions. Their level of customer service, speed of response should also give you at least an indication of how good you can expect their customer service to be.

Luckily we’ve broken down the top 10 Instagram growth service software, and top 10 Instagram growth service agencies in one convenient place.

Why Use An Instagram Growth Service?

There are many excellent reasons to use an Instagram growth service to grow your account.

A lot of our clients don’t have the time to manage your own Instagram growth, or, they are unsure of how to grow their account significantly. It’s difficult to stay current with all the changes to Instagram’s algorithm and to implement their best practices.

Growing your Instagram account can be a full-time job. However, a lot of businesses and influencers don’t have the budget to hire a full-time social media employee. Even on the lower-end of an entry-level employee, a typical Social Media Coordinator salary can be $30,000 – $40,000 per year depending on experience level and location.

The other option is to hire online freelancers as either an ala-carte service. For example, hiring someone on Upwork to design some content pieces. Or, a freelancer for a flat rate to handle your social media on a weekly or monthly basis. Usually hiring a freelancer requires more oversight and knowledge on your part, so it’s less of a turn-key solution.

Signing up for an Instagram growth service, however, is perfect if you’re able to handle your own content strategy. You post the content, and the service helps you reach more potential followers. Typically most Instagram growth services are significantly less of financial investment, so it’s perfect if you want real results on a smaller budget.

How An Instagram Growth Service Can Grow Your Business

A large Instagram following has a huge value to any business or influencer. The larger your reach, the more powerful your message and business.

Just by having a large following, you open yourself and your business up to more opportunities, partnerships, and growth.

Many businesses are built on amassing a following first, then coming up with the business later. This is typically what most influencers do: they build their influence, then leverage that value to attract other businesses, or start their own.

If you’re a business that needs more clients or sales, social media is a great way to get more leads and sales for your products or services.

Having a professionally managed, successful Instagram account also lets you reach your customers where they already are, allowing you to establish personal, one on one relationships.

By engaging authentically, you’re able to nurture your audience, address potential issues and grow your business substantially.

Often times social media doesn’t have a direct, measurable ROI (depending on your business and tracking capabilities; ex: e-commerce); but the benefits are significant. Every year the social media industry grows significantly with more brands, businesses, influencers, investors and users.

Gramiety Organic Instagram Growth Service

Gramiety is trusted by over 2500 happy clients. Our clients have been featured in, Forbes, Variety, Vogue, Bazaar and on Spotify. We make it dead simple to grow your Instagram account significantly.

We can help you amass a massive following that’s highly engaged and highly relevant to your niche or brand.

If you’d like to see how we’ve grown countless accounts by tens of thousands of followers, check out our Instagram growth service case studies.

How does Gramiety grow your Instagram? It’s quite simple.

  1. You tell us who your ideal follower is–your target audience
  2. We onboard you to our dedicated team and give you a customized growth plan specific to your Instagram account
  3. We engage with your audience consistently, every day to get noticed. Consider it a friendly tap on the shoulder that gets people to notice your account
  4. You gain followers regularly, and growth increases over time
  5. We provide 24/7 customer support if you ever have any questions via text or email–real Instagram growth experts just a message away

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Ready to get started, or want more information? Check out our plans and get a $100 off for two months discount.


Whether you’re a brand, individual, niche account or a business, you can’t ignore growing your Instagram account. With over 1 billion users, it’s one of the most popular social media networks–as well as one of the ones with the highest levels of engagement.

However, it’s important to engage with your following, and potential followers on a daily basis. Many people don’t have the time or resources to do this, so that’s why it’s important to use an Instagram growth service.

We’ve broken down some advantages and disadvantages of the top 20 Instagram growth services.

If you’d like to check out what Gramiety can do to get you more followers, feel free to reach out via text or our form for more information.

  • 5000+ People Trust GRAMiety to grow their Instagram

Accelerate Your Instagram Growth With Real Followers

Boost your Instagram growth, organically.

  • Actually works, unlike other services
  • Natural growth and engagement
  • Los Angeles, California based team
  • 100% Safe
  • Save 10 hours a week on growing your Instagram
  • 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Only Real Followers
  • Safe
  • 3 Minute Setup

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