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If you want your business to grow, it’s essential to delegate and hire. As you grow beyond a one-person brand or business, it’s important to recognize you can’t do it all. This means it’s important to delegate, outsource or hire lower value tasks. Otherwise, you’re left banging your head against the wall, struggling to manage everything. Then you end up looking like this:
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In many places around the world, Instagram is considered to be the fastest-growing social media platform. A staggering 1 billion people use Instagram on a daily basis. 250 million people daily use Instagram stories to post their day to day lives.

Instagram stories for businesses are new contenders for marketing. Since the launch of the stories functions on Instagram, it has become one of the most important facets of the platform.

On top of this, it has become fairly common for users to use the shopping platform of Instagram, especially after they had launched the “business profile” option. Roughly 130 million users on the site use Instagram to tap and view shopping posts.

But, how can you use Instagram stories to promote your business

want to boost your instagram?

We Find Your Followers

Boost your Instagram growth, organically.

  • Save 10 hours a week on growing your Instagram
  • 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We target your ideal audience. We don’t just seek any followers, we source and target the right audience for you.

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Promoting With Instagram Stories

Aside from posting content to continuously engage with customers, businesses can also use Instagram stories for promotional purposes.

You can create flash sales through promo codes can also boost the interaction of the customers to the platform.  Question stickers can also be used to boost engagement and test products, ideas and marketing ideas. This engaging poll sticker is a fantastic way to engage Instagram users.

Because of the time limit of Instagram stories, they’ve turned into the perfect feature for quick and easy promotion of sales. Limited offers such as adding freebies to an existing product can also help boost sales and awareness. You can also drive additional traffic to your site by integrating your blog posts as short photo and video Instagram stories.

The good thing about Instagram stories is their impermanence. Instagram stories are a great place to test marketing and business ideas. Simply record a video on the Instagram app and test out an idea!

But, what makes this method different than just posting normally on Instagram?

As businesses have been flocking to Instagram for reaching potential new customers, it has become even more difficult to get ahead and gain leverage.

Even with numerous marketing techniques to beat the algorithm, there isn’t a lot of assurance that businesses will be able to reap the results immediately. However, leveraging new Instagram features have been proven to keep the Instagram algorithm happy and increase your organic reach.

With Instagram stories, businesses are able to directly reach out to their followers.

The capacity of customers now to “swipe up” when viewing a story to view a shop post means that the customers will have a more interactive window shopping experience. With stickers, polls and other engagement tools, the results are very immediate, providing valuable business data.

Instagram Story Links

Businesses can now take advantage of adding links to their stories if they have enough followers. Now you can drive traffic to various products, pages, and sites. Before you were limited to a single bio link, allowing you to effectively promote multiple initiatives.

Adding a link to an Instagram story is fairly easy. Once you see a link icon on the top of the story editor, you can just click on it and add your URL.

But, how exactly should you use these links? A good method is to directly link the customers to a specific page, video or post. It allows for effective direct marketing straight to your site.

Alternatively, businesses can also use the clickable links for products. For E-commerce brands, this means that every product can now be tagged to lead customers to a specific page. This makes for an easier and less cluttered way to introduce new products, give recommendations to the customers, and show them looks that are fresh from their catalog. It’s an invaluable tool, specifically for E-commerce.

Using Instagram Story Highlights

Adding story highlights to your business’ Instagram account can also be useful for helping your customers get around the platform. The highlights are found below the profile photo, making them one of the first things that customers see when they go into the profile.

Adding these highlights is a fairly easy task. Click on the “Story Highlights” found below the username and bio section. Then, tap which stories you would like to add and choose a cover photo for each section to create a creative flair.

One of the most useful ways of Instagram highlights is to show a list of products from the business. If you’re an e-commerce site, this will be an efficient way for you to continually market.

As a business, you are allowed to maximize this space to the best extent possible. One can use these highlights to create different categories for the customers. Whether these are for highlighting seasonal products or showing off new launches, these can definitely become an avenue to show-off.

A popular method of using highlights is to post reviews and feedback from customers. Because building trust with customers is a critical part of e-commerce. Showing social proof through current customers and clients can be a great way to advertise the company’s success. If other people love the products you put out, you can easily entice new people into the platform!

Own the Brand Using Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to personalize your own social media branding. More than putting out consistently themed content, these stories can be used in other creative ways.

Adding music to Instagram stories can also improve their flair. One can just swipe into the music caption, search for a song, and post a story with the music playing in the background.

For businesses, this will let you customize the content, making it easier to create a general theme that will enhance the branding. Your Instagram story aesthetic can enhance your branding efforts.

Showing off a distinctive personality is a lot easier through the stories. For instance, presenting that the company has specific music preferences gives the customers an idea of the musical and creative inspiration behind well-loved products. In hindsight, this helps build a stronger bond between them and the site.

Moreover, businesses can use these avenues to show that they have specific values. This removes any alienation in the interaction because they’re supporting causes that actually matter. Companies are able to show their internal company culture and values through interactive stories.

Telling the brand’s story through content shows the customers where the brand came from and who the people behind the company. In a way, this is a way to communicate with customers. Businesses can create compelling stories that will lure customers in. Surely, being able to relate to the people behind the screens will persuade them to support the brand’s advocacies.

Of course, building an Instagram story identity takes time and effort. Branding means creating an aesthetic that will make the company stand out above everyone else. Moreover, to avoid cluttering the pages of customers, it is also critical for the company to create a solid posting plan to avoid being backlogged.

Engage With Your Instagram Story Viewers

One of the most important gifts of having Instagram is that you can visually interact with your customers.

Prior to Instagram stories, it was challenging for businesses to balance the act of posting daily and being engaging because they were limited to Instagram posts. You were also only allowed one link–in your bio. Instagram stories changed the game.

Now, if you have over 10,000 followers you get access to the “swipe-up” feature. This allows you to add a link to your Instagram stories. This is invaluable if you’re looking to drive traffic to your site, market your business or build your brand.

Instagram stories have made it easier for companies to use their features to be able to build their relationships with their customers. They now have a ton of options ranging from location tagging, hashtags, stickers, and polls. It’s easier than ever to gain feedback from your followers.

It has now become prevalent for companies to use the polling option of Instagram stories to ask their customers for feedback. Instagram stories have made the platform truly personalized for the customers, whereas before there was a lot of alienation in the process of creating new products.

Through Instagram stories, companies can now better engage and grow their followers. If a business has plans to launch a new product, Instagram stories are a perfect way to solicit feedback, pre-orders and test the market.

Interact and Expand

Whether it is through reposting or adding new content, Instagram stories give way for businesses to engage with their customers. For E-commerce sites that focus on their communication and branding aesthetic, it is even more important to grow their Instagram story following.

Using filters, and other newer additional features such as adding links, businesses can now personalize their brand through Instagram stories to make a remarkable and unforgettable brand.

With business profiles, this will be improved through additional metrics and impressions that are easily accessible via the app. Instagram insights will give businesses a way to smoothly measure their impact.

Instagram stories have created a powerful tool for businesses to become more interactive and to engage their followers. If your business hasn’t leveraged the power of Instagram stories, the best time to start was yesterday. The second best would be today!

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