How to Use the Instagram Creator Studio – A Guide for Influencers and Content Creators

How to Use the Instagram Creator Studio – A Guide for Influencers and Content Creators

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When Instagram Creator Studio was first announced, a lot of people went nuts for it. It was exciting news for content creators and social media influencers, but some of us were stuck on “How do we use it?” instead of “I’m ready to use this!”

Sound familiar? The thing is, Instagram Creator Studio is a great way for influencers and content creators to boost their business and leverage their creative superpowers. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in.

But first… what is Instagram Creator Studio?

We’re so glad you asked! It all began with Facebook — which, as you probably know, owns Instagram. The Facebook Creator app gave influencers and content creators more tools to manage and track the performance of their profiles. In other words, it made life a lot easier.

It allowed creators to create live broadcasts, connect with followers via a more centralized inbox, measure performance with more data insights and post stories in real time. That’s Facebook, but we’re talking about Instagram.

Instagram Creator Studio is following those footsteps. It lets content creators do what they do best — create content and push it out into the world. It helps them monetize content, get in touch with followers in a more organized way and manage their posting schedules.

How to get the most out of it

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Use the content library

In the Creator Studio, you’ll see a Content Library tab. This will become your new best friend. When you’re in the Content Library tab, you can see all of your content in one spot. You can see which ones have been published or archived, just as you can get a detailed peek at the performance of your posts.

Wondering what you can see? You’ll be able to see how many users have seen your posts, how they found your content, interactions, and engagement.


Everyone’s loving IGTV, and the Creator Studio makes it 10X easier. You can schedule out your videos and track engagement all in the platform. This way, you know your videos are going out at the right time — even if you’re not pushing “post” at that very moment.

Look at users’ activity

Instagram Creator Studio combines Instagram posting capabilities with insights (that you’d usually get from a social media managing platform). In other words, it’s all in one place. When you head to the Insights tab of your dashboard, you can see all your posts within a given time frame and all the activity that has gone on with those posts.

You can also get a deeper look at your audience when you go to the Audience Insights tab. Here you’ll see your followers, whether they have increased or decreased in the past week and their age and gender. This will help you really hone in on the content you’re creating because you’ll have a better idea of who it’s going to.

Now that you have the lowdown on Instagram Creator Studio, the next step is to start using it. Keep in mind, you need to have either a business profile or a creator account. Once you’ve checked off those boxes, you can go wild with your creations. Last but not least, don’t forget to have some fun with it!

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