About the DM Method


  • Guaranteed growth
  • Increased engagement
  • Quality of follower is the highest we have seen
  • You are connecting with users who resonate with your message
  • Users are ‘choosing’ to follow you based on a message and your content, nothing else
  • Targeting is as good as the accounts you give us to DM
  • No password change request, no blocks, no problems from Instagram
  • Did we mention guaranteed growth with zero problems from Instagram


  • Accounts we use to DM on your behalf have one profile picture.
  • You will get a % of users who come back to your DM and call you out for using this method. *We suggest ignoring those users or attempt to turn them into loyal followers
  • We can only direct message the followers of other accounts, therefore targeting

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Frequently Asked Questions

100% Yes! 100% compliant with Instagram’s policies. We are NOT sending messages from your account.

From other Instagram accounts (separate from yours) we send out direct messages on your behalf. Through these direct messages we promote your account to a new audience who may of never found your page. A % of this audience will come to your page, review your content, like your photos, and follow your account because of something they liked. It’s powerful because they are organically ‘choosing’ to follow your account based on a message and your content, nothing else.

Sweet and short messages about who you are, and what value you bring work the best. We will work directly with you on messaging, but the main point to consider is users do not like to read books in their DM. We must craft a very short message with keywords that will entice followers to check out your page!

Our system will send messages to the followers of specific accounts.

No, and here’s why! In this day and age marketing is a must if you want to be successful and with any marketing you CANNOT please everyone. We are using direct messaging in a very powerful way by spreading your profile and value proposition to people who would normally of never known about your account. However, anytime you market to the masses you will always have a few people who will come back to your DM’s upset that you sent them a message or asking why you are doing this? We have two solutions to this small %:

1. Ignore them. Do you really want a follower who cannot see that you are simply marketing your valuable brand/product? You can’t feed yourself with the opinion of others!

2. Connect with them by letting them know your are simply trying to get your message out and you would appreciate if they took a look at what you have to offer.

Bottomline, to get a majority of great followers you will always have to deal with some bad apples.


There are only two ways to grow your account, so yes. You can either engage with your target audience so your account can be seen OR you can enter your account in a Loop giveaway where an influencer will direct their followers to follow you.

Simply pick your plan, pay, and a representative will reach out to go over your messaging and targeting.

No contracts! You can either pay per campaign or request monthly billing.

All orders will 100% be fulfilled within 14 days, but most times sooner. Remember, this is a very detailed service. A lot of work must happen once you order before we can launch the DM campaign. We appreciate your patience. 

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