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Growth is somewhat simple. Users must first see your account to be able to make an organic decision to follow your account.

We use targeted engagement to drive organic followers back to your account. Simply put, from your account we go out and follow your target audience. When we follow your target audience they get notification on their smartphones. Instagram users are always checking out who is following them which will lead them back to your account. If they are interested in your content they will follow you back! Our strategy will work for any type of account around the world. Out of all the methods we have ever used, ‘follow/unfollow’ method is still the only cost-effective, scalable method that guarantees results.

Our Process:

Our team will work with you to define your ideal target audience and then find them on Instagram.
We will engage with your target audience by following their accounts to get their attention via Instagram notifications. Think of this as a friendly tap on the shoulder to let them know you exist. Once your target audience gets the notification, a percentage will come to your account, check out your content, and make an organic decision to follow your account based on what they see.
Our team will then unfollow all of the accounts we have engaged with and repeat the cycle 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

Here is a video that takes a deeper look into how we grow your account Instagram’s new follow/unfollow limits:\

You personally cannot mass follow/unfollow while you are signed up with our agency. If you must follow and unfollow, limit it to only 5 users per day. It’s also ok to like and comment on some images, but please do not like and comment all day long as you will get your Instagram account blocked for performing any actions.

Instagram has strict rules on how many users an account can follow and unfollow each day. The current Instagram limit is each account is allowed to follow up to 200 accounts per day and 6000 per month. We are an Instagram compliant agency— we DO NOT go over these limits, so it’s important that you don’t add to our efforts. Going over these limits will lower your account’s trust score and ultimately hurt your growth.

Here are the Instagram Follow Limits:

What to Expect Now

You won’t see maximum results for some weeks.

Remember, the longer you are in our system the better your results. The first couple weeks are your warm up phase as it’s really important that we don’t attack full on right away.

Doing so risks getting your account not looking natural to Instagram which can hurt your results.

** Please Note: These statements are under the assumption your account does not receive an action block. Action blocks from Instagram will delay your growth and alter our strategy. The next few questions and answers are important to review so you can understand why your account might get an action block 😊

This doesn’t mean you aren’t going to gain followers right away, but we have to scale up your activity just like a typical user who is becoming more and more active on Instagram.

Below is a timeline of what you can expect.

Next 12 to 24 Hours

A team member will contact you within 12 to 24 hours (most times instantly) to get you logged into our system.

At times we may need to retrieve a 6-digit verification code that Instagram sends you. If requested by Instagram we need this to gain access & begin growing your account. This code is only sent when our team contacts you so no need to look for a code just yet, just be ready!

You will receive an SMS from our team within 24hours from +1(310) 340-2901.

Your verification code is sent to you from Instagram, via E-Mail or SMS.

The code is time-sensitive, so you need to send it back to us quickly

Instagram may sometimes send you a “Was This You?” Please always select “IT WAS ME”. The other option will prompt you to change your password & delay your growth service.

Then you’re all set!

Week 1-3

This is your warm up phase. Since your account is new to interacting with high volumes of users daily, we need to take it slowly at first. We will increase the activity just like any other user on Instagram would when becoming more active. The growth will continuously ramp up as your account grows.
Please be patient early on as we must take things slowly per Instagrams rules.

Weeks 3-4

This is where you will start noticing some REAL RESULTS, but often we need to switch out
your targeting. We will consult with you when targeting or other details need to be adjusted.

Week 5+

Your account is now fully warmed up and working at full capacity. However, results usually still get better and better each month. At this point we simply need to communicate, continuously monitor targeting, and work on any problems that sometimes can arise!

Absolutely not! It’s crucial you understand that growth is never perfect and it never will be as we DO NOT own Instagram. Instagram frequently changes their algorithm without warning, and can cause major disruptions to our strategy. This is simply the nature of this business that cannot be avoided. From growth rate to targeting, these updates can cause your results to fluctuate for a few days. Regardless of the problems, our overall monthly growth rates are very consistent as long as you do your part by posting high-quality content and staying true to your brand.

We work continuously to overcome the problems and issues that inevitably arise when growing an Instagram account. We adjust our strategy to match changes in Instagram’s algorithm, troubleshoot problems, tweak your targeting, fine tune engagement methods, and more. Although the follow/unfollow method is our strategy, there’s much more to it than that, and monitoring algorithm changes is a big reason why we’ve been so successful. To properly manage an Instagram account is a full-time job. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not get frustrated and simply talk to us about it! We are always available via email or text to talk with you about any issues you may have. After-all this is why you are paying us!

Please review the following questions:

What If I Have Worked With Another Growth Agency?

What Is My Instagram Account Trust Score?

How Fast Will I See Results?

What Is An Instagram Action Block And How Does It Affect My Growth?

If you have worked with another growth agency or attempted to grow your account in the past, it is possible that your Instagram account is flagged and has a low trust score. Why? Because your previous growth agency might have used shady tactics that caught Instagram’s security algorithm.

Whenever we work with clients that used a different growth agency, we always start much more carefully. We don’t know what strategy your previous agency used or if they used software, and there’s no way to know until we find out and are blocked from doing our work.

Instagram has essentially banned the use of software yet 99.9% of agencies still use software to grow accounts. They use it because it’s cheap and they make more profit. Remember, Instagram limits you to only following 200 users per day, 6000 users per month. If a previous agency used software to follow more than 200 users per day, 6000 users per month, there is a very good chance your account is flagged.

To break it down…

Flagged accounts = Low trust score

Low trust score = Action blocks

Action blocks = Lower monthly growth

Our agency is 100% Instagram compliant. We do not use software or bots to grow your account just 100% human beings. We use a mobile phone, no different than you do to grow on your own except we have an entire team dedicate to finding your audience, engaging with them, and more.

If your account has a low trust score and is prone to action blocks when you sign up with us, there is a chance we will have to fix your account’s trust score before we can properly grow it. More importantly, it’s critical that you are patient. It’s going to take longer to fix your account and get it growing, but slow and steady wins the race – and doesn’t lower your trust score.

Every Instagram account has a trust score that determines how many actions the account can make each day i.e. follows, unfollows, likes, comments, DM’s. Instagram analyzes every single action ever performed on your account since you created it and depending on the quality of these actions, the account trust score can raise or drop.

So if your account has ever been spammy, has had software attached to it, has been grown artificially using software, or you have bought followers, your account is almost guaranteed to have a low trust score. If your account has a low trust score, your account is prone to account action blocks, which can hurt your growth. Why? Instagram WILL NOT allow your account to continuously follow 200 users per day, 6000 per month and also unfollow, which is the number one, fool-proof strategy to grow accounts these days.

There’s no specific or technical way to look up your exact trust score, but if your account often gets action blocked, your account has a low trust score and needs repair.

Over-time we can repair your damaged account. If you would like to learn more please email or text with your growth specialist.

Action blocks are directly tied to your account’s trust score. If your account has a low trust score when you sign up with our agency, it’s more susceptible to action blocks that have zero to do with our actions. Keep in mind, we are 100% compliant with Instagram and will never do anything to hurt your trust score. If you receive an action block, even when working with us, it is 100% because of your previous agency, your past actions, and your account’s low trust score.

Basically, an action block is used to punish Instagram users who violate their set guidelines. When a user’s account is blocked, we will not be able to perform basic tasks such as following and unfollowing.

Instagram employees do not personally issue action blocks. Action blocks are issued by Instagram’s security algorithm. The algorithm looks at a user’s trust score and attempted actions and will issue action blocks accordingly.

If we cannot continuously follow on your behalf, we cannot maximize your growth.

Why Instagram Accounts Receive Action Blocks

Used Previous Growth Service: If you used another growth agency that was using software or bad settings to grow your account, there is a chance Instagram has detected this. Their security algorithm is likely to lower your trust score and issue follow blocks at various times. Remember, follow blocks mean less activity.

Follow / Unfollow: You are following or unfollowing on your own in addition to our efforts. If you continue to do this, you will leave Instagram no choice but to issue a follow block because your account will go over the 200 follow limit each day. Remember, we are following on your behalf. Every follow and/or unfollow counts. You hired us to grow your account, so let us do our job.

Bought followers: If you have previously bought fake followers (or another agency has), Instagram can tell and will flag your account. If your account is flagged, it’s prone to blocks, but over time we can fix it. If your account has fake followers IG will delete them over time. This means that although we are growing your account you may still see losses due to followers being deleted.

Spamming Followers: Your account can be blocked when you send unwanted direct messages, comments, likes, and other spam activities to any user on Instagram. This is mostly applied to people in engagement groups or utilizing direct message automation.

Hashtags: Some users reported that putting hashtags in the comment section earned them an action block after about an hour of posting their comments. Just another reason why it’s advisable to put them in your post captions. Also, if you use banned hashtags, you could risk your account’s trust score.

Third Party Apps / Software: Using third-party apps like post schedulers can also earn you an action block on Instagram. If you use any third-party app, please remove its access to your account prior to starting with us.

Instagram Mistakes: Since action blocks are issued by the Instagram algorithm and not a real person, action blocks can happen unintentionally or even if an account seemingly does nothing wrong. The worst part is that Instagram won’t give you a reason for blocking actions on your account. We will have to appeal to Instagram in hopes it is removed from your account.

Of course! Our work on your account never stops. If your Instagram Trust Score is low and your account ever gets an action block, we must start working on your settings, switching devices, among other actions that will hopefully increase your trust score.

Bottomline, getting your account un-blocked means we have to improve your account’s trust score. Here are some things you can do to help the process:

Change your password (we will potentially request you to change it).
You must not like, comment, DM, or follow any users for 3-7 days. You should post to your feed and stories, scroll Instagram often, but DO NOT like, comment, DM, or follow any users while we are testing settings, making adjustments, etc.
You must revoke all third-party API connections that may have access to your account.
If you haven’t already, add and confirm your mobile phone number to your account.
Report user content that shouldn’t be on the platform. Instagram likes accounts that police their platform. There are plenty of people posting nudity, etc. Look around, report the content. This will increase your trust score.
If you haven’t already, link your Facebook and Instagram account.
On our end, we will slowly start engaging with users. So instead of following the Instagram max of 200 in one day, we may follow 5 one day, rest a day, then follow 25 the next, and so forth. It’s a slow approach, but pays off in the end to earn back Instagram’s trust.

Because your trust score is low, you may be blocked again, but if we keep following these protocols the blocks will slow down over time UNLESS you do things to jeopardize your account.

During this time, your growth will be slow, and you may see no activity, but this is because we are fixing your account. We are aware that you would love to be adding 1000’s of followers per month, but these are Instagram’s rules, not ours. If you want to grow your account, this is a necessary process 🙂

At times you may perceive your number of followers going down whilst using our services and this is can be due to “natural follower loss.” For example, in one month our service may add 500 new followers to your account, but at the same time you may organically (or not) lose 510 followers. Although we did our job, you visibly didn’t see the growth because of natural follower loss.

Natural follower loss is completely normal. This is just part of Instagram and the process of growing your account. Not everyone is going to love your content forever 🙂

Natural follower loss can also be due to IG constantly deleting fake, inactive and spam accounts. This applies especially for account who have bought fake followers and big accounts.

If you see a follower loss simply reach out to customer support so we can identify if there is a growth problem or natural follower loss.

It’s important that you temper your expectations. You won’t see maximum results for a few weeks, and potentially through the first month. Remember, the longer you are in our system the better your results will be.

During the first month, we have to “warm up” your account. The ultimate goal is 200 follows a day, 6000 follows a month. When you first sign up with our agency we CANNOT follow 200 accounts each day right away. That would flag your account and lower your trust score.

Remember, we are Instagram compliant and Instagram’s rules state we must naturally follow and unfollow users. Oftentimes agencies go too fast, which is not natural on Instagram hence the lower trust scores. This doesn’t mean you aren’t going to gain followers right away, but we have to scale up your activity just like a typical user who is becoming more and more active on the platform.

Also, it’s important to note that your results also depend primarily on the number of followers that you already have and the quality of your content, we cannot stress this enough. *See ‘What If I Have Less Than 1000 Followers?

When starting with a smaller account, it takes some time in the beginning to build up account trust and social proof. If you start from a larger, more established account, you have a head start. People are more likely to trust you and follow you at a higher rate.

If your account has less than 1000 followers, users tend to not follow back as much as they would if you had a larger account. Think about it, would you follow an account with barely any followers? Also, newer accounts with fewer than 1000 followers will typically have a lower Trust Score, so we need to be especially careful when launching your campaign. Also, you need to understand the social proof aspect and know that a certain percentage of followers are likely to unfollow but not all, so over time we can start scaling growth.

We can make progress with any account whether it has 10,000 followers or 300 but our approach and the speed of results will be different.

Absolutely not. First and foremost, if there are multiple people and agencies following and unfollowing using your account, you will certainly go over the Instagram daily and monthly limits. Instagram will 100% flag your account and issue action blocks.

Also, other agencies are not Instagram compliant. We have zero idea what methods they use and if they’re using software, it can trigger Instagram’s alert system. Instead, it’s best that you choose one agency at a time to work on your account.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide an exact number or guarantee for new followers. There are just too many factors at play both in and outside our control and we can’t predict human nature. After all, we aren’t forcing users to follow you, just tapping them on the shoulder and hoping your content speaks for itself.

Our agency strives to see 200 to 1,500 new, highly-targeted followers per month on average.

These are just averages. We have some accounts growing 1000+ a month, but others only growing 200 a month. There are a few factors that contribute to this:

First, it’s important to note that account growth depends on a number of things out of our control, including:

Who your target audience is on Instagram
How good your content is
How often you post
Secondly, if we do not need to fix your trust score, you can expect more unique profile visits and natural engagement to increase over time. Having a trusted account is a huge bonus when you start working with us.

We’re an organic growth agency and as such, your results are directly tied to the quality of your account and the niche. Think about it: A supermodel will grow at a different pace than a local car dealership for various reasons. It is very important that you are constantly producing and testing quality content.

We understand that a lot of users would like to see pure, organic growth on their accounts but it’s important to keep your expectations realistic and understand that some growth issues are completely out of our control. With that in mind, we’ll always do our best to achieve results no matter the client’s trust score, niche, or content.

To help us with our job, we ask that you have a clear, targeted content strategy that will resonate with your followers. While we can bring the followers to you, it’s your content that keeps them engaged and active.

Remember, Instagram growth is never perfect and this includes how we find your ideal audience and who that ideal audience is. We will almost certainly adjust our audience outreach strategy one or many times during your time with us. If you ever need to change your audience targeting, simply send an email or text to your growth specialist. It’s as easy as that!

Sometimes clients get frustrated because they feel targeting is off, but fail to remember that this is the exact reason they hired an agency. You came to us to define, find, and target an audience most likely to engage with your content organically. If you don’t like the people we find, you might not understand who your content is geared for and will need to adjust as necessary.

It’s really important you understand how targeting works so we can work together on engaging with your audience. Here is a message from the team about how we find your ideal audience:

We are a Los Angeles based company, but our owners are from the great state of Ohio! Although we are running the operation physically from Los Angeles, we often log in to our phones from various locations.

The reason we do so is we do not want to log in all of our accounts in one location. This is not to mention that Instagram has servers spread out throughout the world and naturally, some servers work better than others. A separate login location will not affect your account whatsoever, and will actually make it safer in many ways.

This message is nothing to worry about. A percentage of users on Instagram get this pop-up message daily. It has to do with a variety of security checks that Instagram uses but it doesn’t mean that you’ve done anything wrong or that your account is compromised per se. Please change your password and send us the new one!

Here is a personal message from our team about the suspicious activity message:

We are now your Instagram Growth Agency and you are paying us to handle your account plus all the problems that comes with growing Instagram accounts . Please contact us anytime you’d like via text or email. As you’ve heard us say again, we are always available to talk. If you have any questions or concerns, we want to hear from you! We are real humans running this show, and we strive to offer the best customer service in the industry. Contact us via the methods below:

TEXT +1 (310) 340-2901

We will be sad to see you go but should you wish to pause or cancel your service please simply email us your request at least 5 days prior to your next billing due date to avoid being billed and to avoid us starting the work on your next month. Your subscription is re-occurring and due to the number of clients we have it is your responsibility to pause or cancel your subscription prior to your billing date. You cannot pause or cancel your subscription and get a refund once billed due to the resources we allocate to properly run your account.

As you can see above, we put in a lot of work on our end. This is not a plug and play Instagram growth bot and this is not a fully automated system. We have a team to pay and we provide an agency service. Therefore we cannot issue any refunds.

Please have realistic expectations of your service and take into account that we are dealing with the decisions of real people. We cannot force anyone to follow you. To get a higher result rate, you should look at improving your content strategy as this is mostly what it comes down to.

The better the content & the more it resonates with other users, the better your results are going to be using our growth service. Need help with your content strategy? Read the next section. If you have any questions about your content strategy, ask us anytime!

Engagement spikes is something that is unavoidable on Instagram these days. Instagram is very saturated and every time they update their algorithm, your engagement will suffer (less people see your posts). Not to mention, Instagram Stories have taken away from post engagement.

Also keep in mind, we cannot force real people to like your posts so you have to make sure to keep testing your content. As a matter of fact a lot of influencers are showing 50% drops in engagement. Here is personal message about engagement:

Post High Quality Content!

As we’ve said plenty of times, we deliver 100% organic growth. That means we cannot force anyone to follow you.

While we deliver results for pretty much any account, the quality and consistency of your content greatly affects the quality of your results. If you have more interesting content, more people will follow you.

If you want to get the most from GRAMiety, you should strive to post consistent, valuable, engaging, high quality, content. Generic type content will limit the number of followers you can get. If you need help with content management, contact our management team to view our services, plans & case studies.

Engage With Your Audience

You should strive to engage with your new fans. A few simple ways to do this:

The more you engage with your new fans, the more they’ll engage with you. Then new potential followers will be impressed by the high engagement on your account. GRAMiety brings thousands of eyeballs to your page & grow you an authentic following. It is then up to you how much you do with this opportunity. Start thinking about how you can improve your account to make more of these people want to follow you.

Write an interesting bio
Post Instagram Story Frequently
Fill your profile with entertaining Story Heighlights
Post IGTV Content
Comment on your followers photos
Tighten Your Niche
We can proudly guarantee growth for pretty much any account. However, the tighter your niche, the easier it will be to get people to follow you. If you have just a general account with no specific targeting, start thinking about what kind of interests you can focus in on. Food, travel, yoga, music, dancing, or some particular combination of several interests.
The more you speak to your niche, the more interest you’ll get from
like minded users


Feel free to reach out and we'll be happy to help.