Two Methods For Organic Growth

Two Methods For Organic Growth

Through each process, we log into your account and engage with your target market through follow actions to bring them to your page. Should they enjoy your content they may choose to follow you. While the process through each method is the same, there are marked differences between the two methods that you should consider before choosing a package.

Standard Plan - $79 a Month


  • Runs 7 days a week
  • Optimization capability to improve results on a weekly basis
  • Costs less


  • Subject to technical issues which can happen now and then
  • Higher chance of “invisible blocks” that limit the number of actions we can hit per day (and therefore per month). More blocks = less actions = less growth

Premium Plan - $129 a Month


  • Actions performed by a literal human being leads to fewer issues
  • Less blocks = more actions = more growth
  • More Consistency in growth
  • Zero issues whatsoever if you have never worked with software before


  • Runs 5 days a week instead of 7
  • Less Optimization capabilities, need for very strong sources
  • Costs More

What is follow / unfollow and how do we find your audience?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use targeted engagement to drive organic followers back to your account. We engage with your target audience, which triggers a notification.

Instagram users are always checking out who is following them which will lead them back to your account. If they are interested in you and your content, they will follow you!

From other Instagram accounts (separate from yours) we send out direct messages on your behalf. Through direct messaging campaigns we promote your account to a new audience who may of never found your page.

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Taking Instagram’s limitations into consideration, most of our clients get an increase in unique profile visits and our agency strives to grow your account from +200 to +1500 new, highly targeted followers per month on average. These are just averages. Your account status with Instagram, your niche, and the quality of your content directly affect your results. Remember, a real person will be choosing to follow your account or not, we can’t MAKE people follow you.

As long as your account is in good standing with Instagram, you’ll start gaining followers within two weeks, sometimes right away. The longer you are with our agency, the better your results as we can start to optimize your targeting heavily through our testing.

Just let us know and we’ll change it. It takes time to test and target the right accounts. Normally we just have to change one or two of your target influencers to solve the problem. Feel free to contact us anytime you see your audience is not what you are looking for.

All orders will 100% be fulfilled within 14 days, but most times sooner. Remember, this is a very detailed service. A lot of work must happen once you order before we can launch the DM campaign. We appreciate your patience. 

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