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Outsource Your Instagram Marketing


If you want your business to grow, it’s essential to delegate and hire. As you grow beyond a one-person brand or business, it’s important to recognize you can’t do it all. This means it’s important to delegate, outsource or hire lower value tasks. Otherwise, you’re left banging your head against the wall, struggling to manage everything. 

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If you delegate, plan strategically, and develop processes, it allows you to offload lower value work. This allows you to focus on higher-value tasks that drive the most impact for your business. Typically this means sales, marketing, high-level operations, or growing your Instagram or social media accounts.

The key is to work on your business, rather than in your business. That’s the dream of any entrepreneur.

You can break down running your Instagram account into a few key areas. Some are more scaleable, and higher impact than others. That’s why you should consider, as many others have, outsourcing some aspects so you can focus on getting more followers.

The main key to growing any business is to focus on your strengths and hire out your weaknesses. Instagram is no different, regardless of your size. Whether you’re a one-man-band eCommerce outfit, an aspiring Instagram influencer, or a local business looking to increase their reach, it’s invaluable to understand how to scale.

It doesn’t matter if your Instagram business is selling hats, vegan cat food, or doing SEO, you represent a digital media business. Content and above all content marketing is how you grow our businesses.

Depending on your time, talents and budget, you should decide which part of Instagram marketing you want to outsource.

Let’s get familiar with some of the ways you can outsource Instagram marketing and maximize your Instagram growth.

Outsource Your Instagram Day To Day

Daily management is essential to get more followers and to keep them, but it takes too much of your valuable time. You like posting on Instagram, but when it comes to answering comments, direct messages and daily engaging with new followers, it’s just too much.

These are low-value tasks that can be easily outsourced. When you’re a business or brand owner, front line customer service is a sector that is critical to outsource. While your impact is undoubtedly better than anyone you can hire, you can’t be everywhere at once.

This is the paradox of business ownership.

You have to be comfortable with hiring someone to replace you at 80% effectiveness. No one will ever care as much as you. Thus, the paradox of scaling and entrepreneurship, as Marie Kondo says, it is the act of letting go. Whether or not it sparks joy, you need to be comfortable with it.

If not, you’re best suited to a sole proprietorship. Do your ambitions soar further than that? Then learn to let go.

This is the biggest hurdle in the entrepreneurial journey. A wise man once said there are no business problems, just personal problems. One only needs to look at the overly dramatized, bombastic spectacles of entrepreneurship such as Kitchen Nightmares to identify how business owners can hamstring their own success.

As we all know, one of the most efficient ways for your Instagram page to grow is to engage with users who don’t follow you. It takes a lot of relevant photos liking on the discover page, following and engaging through comments.

If you want to keep your followers, besides the awesome content on your Instagram, you need to offer them engagement. It’s smart to tell the person you hired a few authentic words or phrases you use. This would make communication with followers more compelling.

Let’s not forget hashtags. Using hashtags on your posts is a sure way to see more action and attract more followers. It is a way for users to search for content that they are interested in. And you should be on top of your SEO game! When it comes to the number of hashtags in a single post, it is best to choose the best ones that would make your content easier to look for.

A trusted person would do this important part of Instagram Marketing for you and save you a lot of time and energy.

Jason Whaling has an excellent video on how to outsource your Instagram marketing effectively:

Outsource Instagram Management

Love taking photos of your work, but writing captions and long contents takes too much time or it’s just not your thing? Please, outsource it to copywriters! They’ll know what to do!

As in the engagement part, you should also make a list of common terms you use and make your captions ant content more authentic. But the professional that does this part should be even better debriefed about your business, the way it works, who are the customers and content materials you already used. Perhaps the best idea is to leave the creative part of the writing to them because they have relevant experience.

Who knows, this may be the best move for your business growth. The power of the written word can achieve great heights!

Instagram Posting

This looks like the heavy one! Well, if you want to give maximum priority to the work you do, then this is an excellent idea. Maybe you even get the time to catch some breath.

Your business is always a priority. Sometimes it’s easier to prepare content for posting to your Instagram a month or two in advance. Then, you sit back, relax and let hired professional to do the work.

Many users of social media think they possess the necessary skills for managing social media. But if you want your business to grow, hiring a professional is the best way to go.

Tasks You Can Outsource

Tasks you can outsource for Instagram day to day Instagram management:

  • Posting your content to Instagram, or scheduling it in advance with an Instagram automation tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer
  • Captioning your posts
  • Doing hashtag research and posting hashtags (including in the comments)
  • Engaging with people and followers that comment on your content
  • Engaging with people outside of your Instagram following to increase your reach and potential followers
  • Answering and responding to DMs
  • DMing other Instagram influencers to set up collaborations to grow your account
outsource instagram marketing

Outsource Instagram Content

You are for sure very talented for the business you grow, but to get the best out of Instagram Marketing, your photos need to be fantastic! Never the less! Maybe you are a blogger with perfect copywriting skills and photography part of the job is just overwhelming?

You can outsource this part to a great photographer. When it comes to Instagram, high-quality photography and content is essential.

And not just that. The general look of your Instagram is very important. The photographer would make sure all the photos were complementary by suggesting some amazing presets and a general brand guideline.

Or, you can just hire someone to create a set of custom stock images for your account fresh each month. It depends on the type of business and the budget you have. You can also consider a mix of original and stock content. Editing can bring it all together to create a cohesive Instagram feed. Check out our guide on creating a consistent Instagram aesthetic.

This means more time and opportunity to focus on the awesome thing you do!

Instagram Outsourcing Options

1. Instagram Growth Service – Least Expensive Option

If you’re looking to outsource just your Instagram follower growth, an Instagram growth service is definitely the way to go.

You’ll likely receive the best results as far as strictly increasing your followers, at the lowest cost. Typically Instagram growth services charge between $99 to $150 per month. You can check out our extensive, in-depth review of the best Instagram growth services for organic follower growth at the link above. Or, you can check out Gramiety.

These services allow you to focus on posting great content, while they make sure you’re getting followers and that the Instagram algorithm is happy.


  • Best follower growth
  • Lowest over-all cost
  • Hands-off
  • Allows you to focus on follower engagement and content
  • No contracts (for Gramiety)


  • You still have to post your own content (as the service doesn’t claim or intend to do that) and manage your day-to-day engagement

You can find Instagram growth services through Google, various review sites, and by checking out Gramiety.

outsource instagram marketing

2. Online Freelancers – Midrange Budget Option

Freelancers can be tricky. Typically the lower the (hourly) rate they charge, the more direction and oversight you’ll have to give them. Whereas higher-paid experts know their worth and can provide a more turn-key solution. Make sure you vet your freelancers thoroughly and check out past testimonials. Also, ensure you are hiring someone that specializes in exactly what you’re looking to accomplish. A copywriter or social media coordinator isn’t going to be as good as a graphic designer for strictly design-related tasks.

A popular strategy with building out or hiring a freelance team is to segment out different tasks into their respective expertise categories. Then, you can hire for deliverables, such as 15 Instagram graphics, as well as someone to post, caption and hashtag the content. This clear separation of duties can often result in a smoother process, rather than trying to find the perfect single person to do the job.

You can find great freelancers as well as poor ones. You’ll likely have to go through several before you find someone who’s a good fit.

The most popular place to find social media freelance talent is definitely Upwork. They have a powerful filtering option, so that you can narrow down by:

  • Job category (sales, marketing, customer service, etc.)
  • Tags
  • Keyword
  • Hourly rate
  • Job success (I always pick 90% and up)
  • Earned amount (I recommend picking 1k earned at least)



  • Wide variety of talent
  • Cheaper than hiring an agency
  • Can get any type of social media-related task done
  • Due to access to worldwide talent, you can find low to high budget rates



  • Quality of freelancers can be hard to gauge
  • A more involved process, requires interview, vetting, researching and providing clear directions and followup
  • Might require going through multiple rounds of hiring
instagram posting

3. Social Media Management Agencies – Most Expensive Option

This is definitely the most turn-key solution for managing your Instagram. Typically, when you engage a social media management agency (SMMA) they take care of everything. From overall strategy, content, daily engagement and organic growth. They might also manage paid reach and advertising.

This is definitely the most expensive option. Typically SMMAs charge $500 to $10,000+, depending on their location and the size of engagement.

Any agency worth their salt should be able to provide extensive testimonials, potential current client referral information, and a comprehensive consulting process. Their consultation should clearly explain expectations, results, deliverables and a clear timeline. Typically when you engage an agency there’s a minimum contract period that you’re committed to until the contract is up.Hiring an agency is definitely the way to go if you have a large budget. However, it’s an industry with a very low barrier to entry, so there’s a ton of agencies out there. It’s hard to know who to hire, and if they can really get your brand results. Clutch.co is an excellent site that lists marketing agencies, segmented by specialty. They have a strict vetting process that requires providing current clients and Clutch actually contacts them by phone to verify your legitimacy.

The best way to gauge a potential SMMA agency to suit your Instagram outsourcing needs are reviews, testimonials, case studies, and their consultation process.


  • Turnkey solution offering every aspect of Instagram management
  • Can provide superior results based on having a large team of experts


  • Can be very expensive and not suitable to smaller brands, business owners and influencers
  • Hard to vet which agencies are good as there is a low barrier to entry to be a social media management agency

Note: you can also hire a full-time or part-time, internal team member. Entry-level social media managers begin at a salary of around $30,000 with a median salary of $55,000 – $75,000 per year. This varies wildly based on location, industry, and size of the company.

Other Ideas

As a business owner, you always have too much to do. And your business is where you are the most needed. Then why not leave the entire Instagram Marketing to the professionals?

That doesn’t mean losing control, no way! You are the one who sets the rules. You are the one who always has insight into what a professional you hired does. And you’re the one who gets more time to do the most important work.

When you outsource your social media management, one of the greatest outcomes is gaining expertise that isn’t currently available to you.

Your Instagram account management could include:

  • Instagram Marketing Strategy and Goals
  • Preliminary Account Setup
  • Content Curation
  • Copywriting
  • Community Management
  • Monthly Analytics Report
  • Monthly Check-In & Unlimited Email Communication
  • Curated Hashtag List

Before outsourcing part or all of Instagram marketing you need to consider a few things.

  • Is the person you trust to represent you on Instagram trustworthy? – Find someone you can rely on. See recommendations. Make sure it is someone with experience
  • Is it a good fit for the brand you are offering? – Nobody’s an expert on everything. The outsourcing person should be knowledgeable and interested in the type of business. This is the quickest way of mutual understanding
  • Can you afford it? Find someone who has an affordable rate. But keep an eye on the price to quality ratio
  • Is it someone who understands the Instagram algorithm?

Things To Consider

  • You get more time to grow the business if you outsource your Instagram marketing
  • Be patient. Give the person or team you have chosen the time to make the change. Nothing of the highest quality can happen overnight. With time and hard work, the results will follow
  • The professional you hire has the necessary skills and knowledge to launch your Instagram Marketing into the stars. It is a skill that is learned and you do not have to put up with it because you have found someone to do it for you
  • With outsourcing, you gain access to immediate talent and grow your team
  • The hardest aspect of hiring freelance or contract social media managers is finding ones that you can depend on. If you choose an agency, you’ll likely have multiple people who can step in and assist in a pinch. Obviously, you’ll likely pay more for an agency than an individual consultant, but if your business is one that needs to respond in real-time, it might be worth the investment.
  • Create giveaways, special offers, and contests. Contests and campaigns will attract more users to your social media. For example, you can drive traffic to your Instagram or sell your product by running a contest: ask users to ‘like’, ‘comment’, ‘hashtag’, or tag a friend. When followers tag friends, it exposes your brand to additional Instagram followers: an effective way to increase your brand’s reach.

Wrapping It Up

If you want to grow your business successfully, the best way to do this is to offload some of your obligations by outsourcing social media marketing. It’s critical to find the right person within your budget to help manage your Instagram account. Depending on your goals and strengths, you can outsource specific deliverables–such as content–, or have a dedicate person or agency manage everything.

The benefits of offloading some of the lower value work are immeasurable. It frees you up to take your business to the next level and focus on tasks that drive the most impact for your brand.

While there’s a cost to hiring someone to handle your Instagram marketing and growth, you’re already paying it: your time. What is your time worth? Try and put an actual dollar amount on this to figure out if outsourcing Instagram marketing is right for you.

Gramiety offers a powerful managed growth service which lets you focus on creating content and engaging with your followers. We make sure your great content is seen by thousands of people per month and can get you significantly more followers than if you were doing it on your own–for less than what it costs to hire a freelancer. Check out our Instagram growth plans.

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