What Are Instagram Action Blocks and What Should You Do About Them?

You’ve been doing all of the (supposedly) right things with your Instagram account. You’ve been following people like crazy, commenting on popular posts, and trying to establish a foothold. Then, one day when you go to follow a new person, you see a message like this:

What do you do?

Apparently, following too many people too fast is like breaking the speed limit according to Instagram, and as a punishment, you’ve found yourself blocked from a certain action, in this case following people, for the next 24 hours. The kicker is, if you go back to your old ways and habits, it’s only bound to happen again, and could get your account in even deeper trouble.

Why Do Action Blocks Exist?

It all started in the summer of 2019 when Instagram started to tighten its control on what accounts can and can’t do, and what constitutes as bot or spammy behavior and what is more organic. It’s for a better experience overall, however it can put a wrench in even legit campaigns if you’re not careful.

Action blocks can be triggered by a variety of things, from follows to comments, and more. Are you on your way to an action block? The following are the five most common causes of action blocks. Keep reading and we’ll show you how GRAMiety can get them removed and get your account growing once again.

What Causes Action Blocks?

There are a variety of things that can impact your account, but most commonly, it comes down to frequency of actions and the overall age of the account. These factors go into the account’s overall Trust score, which is essentially like your reputation on the platform according to its algorithm.

Too Much Too Fast

The most obvious way to have an action block put on your account is if you’re going crazy with the follows, likes, and comments. Instagram has predetermined daily limits for account actions, and if you blow past those limits, they’re going to flag you for it.

You Aren’t Very Active and When You Are, Follow a Set Pattern

Let’s say you only get on Instagram a few times per day to like your friend’s recent posts. This can start to look a little fishy to Instagram, almost like the purpose of the account is to like a particular few posts. This means that they’ll come to expect this, but then if you one day like 100 posts, you’ll blow through your action limit.

You Have a Young Account

Just like with your credit score, the older your account, the better. With young accounts, you haven’t had a chance to prove that you’re 100% legit, and Instagram will keep a close eye on your actions and a boost of activity will raise flags even if you do it 100% manually.

You’re Breaking Instagram’s Rules

Instagram has a long set of guidelines that users are expected to follow. Most of them are pretty obvious but some are pretty easy to break if you’re new to the Instagram marketing game. Notably, Instagram might move to other actions first, such as shadow banning or warning you, but action limits can come into play with guideline violations. Especially if you’re breaking the rules from the same IP address, you could raise tons of red flags.

Your Account is Too Automated

Automation is extremely beneficial if you use it correctly. Unfortunately, it’s a fine balance between saving time and having the account run by it completely. The best automation strategy for Instagram is to have a blend of different types of actions and timing it all. You don’t want your automation tool set to follow for three hours straight, then set to view stories for two hours. Instead, you’d want to mix things up with varying intensity. Instagram is getting really good at catching this, so you’ll want to avoid this to prevent further damage to your account’s Trust Score.

How GRAMiety Can Help You Start Growing Again

So, now that you know what causes these action blocks, what should you do about it? Well, first, you’ll have to sit out for the duration of the block, but there are ways to get the blocks removed, fire up your growth campaign, and proceed without raising any more red flags. Here’s how GRAMiety does it for our clients.

First thing, we focus on improving your Trust Score. If your score is low, Instagram won’t ever let you run with the big accounts, so you need to get on their level. Otherwise, you’ll always have a low action limit and never have the chance to grow your account no matter what tips and tricks we use. Here’s our process:

1. Change the account password.

2. Pause all activity for 3 to 7 days. This means you can post images, videos, or stories, but can’t like, comment, or follow any users. You want to keep a low profile essentially.

3. Remove third party API connections. This helps us ensure there isn’t any fishy automation or buggy tools connected to your account that are raising red flags.

4. Add and confirm a phone number to the account. This helps with added legitimacy.

5. Start performing actions again. We recommend that you be as active as you can so you can set Instagram’s limit higher than otherwise. But you must remember not to perform the same actions over and over and make it appear more natural.

We typically start off slow, following around 5 people one day, 25 the next, and ramp up after that. If you were to follow 200 people on your first day off the block, you’ll get yourself in trouble again.

6. Report content that doesn’t belong on the platform like spam or inappropriate content. This show Instagram you’re an account to be trusted and can help boost your Trust Score.

7. Link to Facebook to establish a more reputable connection. This is a great move if your Facebook account is successful.


We all face action blocks at some point. Even with all of these tips in mind, you might run into them again, however, with the right protocols in place, they won’t appear as often. Avoiding them is about following community guidelines, not spamming people, and just overall being a productive, contributing member of Instagram. This doesn’t mean you can’t grow your account exponentially.

At GRAMiety, we help individuals and brands grow their reach using proven strategies and techniques. Want to see what we can do for you? Learn more about our services at www.gramiety.com